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Outsource: how to organize?

Hello friends!

I have several projects. Source code of them hosted on github.
Long ago I had a friend who helped me to update project by updating source code.
Now he can't help, but I still need to update projects.

I'm not a coder, shame on me but i'm too lazy, please forgive me.
In my dream, the best way for me is to create an issue as a task. In that task I can write what I want to update.
Then I have to find a coder who can do the task.

Coder make a branch for new version of code. Add necessary functions and updates, then he pushes commit to git and we test the result.

I like to create tasks. In this job i'm not so lazy. :)

The question is: how to advertise my tasks and not doing a spam (i hate to span and to bother) and may be there is even better way to solve my quest?

Excuse me, my English is not native language.

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Looks like nobody cares.