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A Web Designer, tech-enthusiast and a book-worm.

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Web Designer at E-Signature Pvt. Ltd

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One Cool Trick to Speed Up Your Website Performance (Not Really)

Thanks a lot @xjamundx . Didn't know about coverage. Knew som...

5 GitHub Repositories for learning developers...

This is amazing. Thanks a lot for your effort

🌟 Biggest β€œOnline Tools” Collection: 🧰

Quite awesome.

Bootstrap 4 - Hiding elements in responsive layout

Thanks a lot. I desperately needed this

Cheat Sheets that always save my time during web development πŸš€

Thank you for sharing.

My first experience in Tailwind CSS πŸ‘©πŸ»β€πŸ’»

How long did it take to learn Tailwind? I m thinking to try

My journey as a self-taught developer from Zero to first developer job.


How to stay focused πŸ” as a self taught Frontend Web Developer πŸ’»

Great suggestions. I have found myself applying Pomodoro tech...

How I Landed My First Web Developer Role Without A Degree or Bootcamp: Lessons Learned, Resources & Tips

Its great to hear your coding journey. This article is an i...

Font Awesome guide and useful tricks you might not know about.

Great article Patrik..... I didn't know these tricks though...

5 tips for beginners to learn better & stay motivated

Its been almost eight months coding. Before that, I was a t...

5 tips for beginners to learn better & stay motivated

"but I think learning 2 different things that are linked to...

Tips To Get A Job As A Developer

Thanks a lot for these great tips. I still have to complet...

How to make the most of

It really feels great that I am in a community where I am t...

Welcome Thread - v41

I am a web designer and I love interacting with great devel...