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Rob Kendal {{☕}}
Rob Kendal {{☕}}

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The Front End Podcast - Episode #10

Trumpets at the ready!! It's the final episode (number 10) of season 1 of The Front End.

For this final episode, Scott Spence, a good twitter friend, joins me to share his path into development from VBA analyst to front end coder and we talk about static site generation.

Listen to episode 10 today on the following channels:

About episode 10

Scott's passionate about the JAM Stack and Gatsby JS and we chat about how a more streamlined, static driven web is rising up to improve both developer and user experiences alike.

We look at what Gatsby is and some interesting uses such as powering a super fast front end, driven by a WordPress content management backend.

Listening direct

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I'm definitely looking for guests to talk about a range of different development topics from careers to origin stories, learning and professional growth, frameworks and more.

Similarly, we're looking for sponsors to fill promotional slots within the show.

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Thanks for listening!

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