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Implementing Domain Driven Design: Part II

gem of an article

Fre is 10 times faster than react!

Agreed. Instead of creating new framework and library every m...

What are your WORST git fails?

At the first phase of my programming career, I used to thik i...

Xamarin Forms- Let's Build Web-like Pagination

Glad you liked it

17 Javascript optimization tips to know in 2021 πŸš€

I hope spread operator was included.

Profile card design HTML CSS

please add the link in post description so that anyone who re...

Profile card design HTML CSS

would be better if you attached codepen link .

Day 4: Hoisting in JS

Nicely explained

My Favorite JavaScript Tips and Tricks

I have used window.location.hash in pages where tab content n...

🌳Say goodbye to LocalStorage πŸš€

Using one over the other depends on the scenario. If data is...

What was your win this week?

Loading time of a specific page in our application was too sl...

What is 'this' in JavaScript?

THIS made sense. :)

What browser extensions do you use?

SalesHandy for email tracking Pretty Js to format JS and JSON

Positioning in CSS

You mistyped 5 in place of 4 :) Anyway,great article.

What irritates you the most as a developer? πŸ‘©β€πŸ’»πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’»

Agressive partners

CSS game: Plankman

Awesome ! I fell off the plank unless I went through CSS :).

What's that piece of code that you have to Google *every time*?

JavaScript... getting date,month,year part from a Date .

Caesar's Cipher

Working with ASCII value should be another solution

From Now You Shall Be Called Main

Politics everywhere. I never ever related master/slave with S...

Speed up your queries with indexes

Loved the way you used an example of library . That paragra...

Csrf Protection With Aspnet Core And Blazor Week 29

Instead of writing [ValidateAntiForgeryToken] as action attri...