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re: Changelog: Reading Time Now Displayed
re: New Years and New Beginnings: I'm Joining the DEV team!
Woohoo! Congratulations!
re: Implementing SQL- Like Cascades in Mongoose
Thanks for the comment, Dian. I really appreciate it. Yes, ...
re: Implementing SQL- Like Cascades in Mongoose
re: To test or not to test, is that even a question?
"Liar Typed Languages" πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
re: The API-First Approach To Building Softwares
Yeah, the title was misleading. Updated it. Thanks.
re: Don't code your microservice like a monolith, keep it maintainable not over-engineered
Interesting read.
re: Who's looking for open source contributors? (October 15th edition)
KwabenBerko / OpenWeatherMap-Android-Library...
re: Why use docker? 3 reasons from a development perspective
Very informative. Thanks Geshan!
re: Help Me Name My New Computer
re: Sugar ORM: An easier way to work with SQLite Databases in Android.
For anyone reading this now, I recommend you try out Room: ...
re: Open-source loses a friend
I am extremely concerned about this acquisition by Microsof...
re: Pixel Wars: Contest Entry
Had so much fun playing this just now!(PS: username is Kobb...
re: How to build a news app with JavaScript and React Native
Hey Mohammed, you might want to hide your api key?
re: 10 essential extensions for VSΒ Code
Awesome list!
re: Please Stop Using Local Storage
re: Beginner-Friendly Animated iPhone 6 UI Tutorial
re: Developer Differences: Makers vs Menders
I am more of a maker. I really love building stuff from the...
re: Structuring my Node.js RESTful API using Express
This is how I currently structure my Express API's: confi...
re: You’ll get there faster if you slow down
Totally agree with this. Great stuff!
re: Facial Recognition in JavaScript using Tracking.js
re: Understanding And Overcoming Coder's Block
Great post. Very helpful. The second point you talked about...
re: Sugar ORM: An easier way to work with SQLite Databases in Android.
Cool! I will check it out then.
re: Sugar ORM: An easier way to work with SQLite Databases in Android.
Yes it does.
re: My tips to be a happier developer
Great tips, Alex. Thanks!
re: First Month as a Professional Developer
Congrats man!
re: Should you learn more than one language at the same time?
You might get confused learning multiple programming langua...
re: 6 tips to succeed in freelancing and remote work
Very useful Thanks!
re: How software projects got their name
re: Hiding details in JavaScript classes with symbols
re: Async Iteration in Nodejs
re: The 4-letter-word word that makes my blood boil
Awesome article, Marcus. Always found it somewhat amusing w...
re: Backend or Frontend First?
re: What do you Google EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. and never just memorize?
Me too! Hahaaahaa
re: I created @ThePracticalDev and, ask me anything!
I really like how fast the website is. Which technol...
re: Welcome Thread - v4
Hello there, I'm Kwabena Berko. Very happy to join