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kyorohiro (kiyohiro kawamura)
kyorohiro (kiyohiro kawamura)

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Dart x Flutter MokuMoku Live Stream 05/09/2020

Make something.. at Dart and Flutter ...

It is a screen capture during work at Mokumokukai
Details will be summarized later


What is mokumoku

For the time being, people who are interested in a certain theme gather and work individually. Just say


Alt Text


This Live 's know how

  • File Input at Flutter for web
  • Use isolate at Flutter for web


  • Interruption of isolate(html worker)'s processing entrusted
  • And Also, although the processing was divided into different Threated using workers, when the number of colors increases It may not be finished in a few minutes, so take measures
  • make it work on Android and iOS
  • Drag and drop support at input file in flutter for web


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