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#DevDiscuss on Twitter leaves out EU time zone

Hopefully, this is the right place to put this.

I have seen the #DevDiscuss posts on Twitter and enjoy reading them and sometimes would like to join in. But, due to living in the EU, this seems to happen in the middle of the night and is over by the time I wake up.

I am sure there are other devs in the same time zone as me as well as the various timezones spread across EU and Africa etc. Some of these zones might already work slightly, even though they will be in the early morning.

It would be nice if there was a #DevDiscuss that better suited these timezones. Possible solutions include:

  • Additional #DevDiscuss for other timezones
  • Altering the time that it occurs in the US (I am not 100% sure what time it occurs in the US)
  • Alternating between the start time each week/every now and then

I am sure there are other solutions as well, but I do not think there is a perfect solution to this problem. As any changes might screw over another timezone.

Anyway, something to think about πŸ€”

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Ben Sinclair

I didn't even realise this was a thing people did on Twitter. I can't find much about it, so I assume it's only known about by people who are awake at that time.

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Christopher McClellan

It’s just a hashtag. Why not hold your own #DevDiscuss?

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Dan Newton

Having the #DevDiscuss initiated by the twitter account is more likely to attract people to answer it, compared to me doing it on my own.

That is my opinion anyway, I am not 100% sure how including a hashtag in a tweet increases its publicity.