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Full Stack Developer Vs Other Developers

What do you mean with "So simply hiring two people, one for...

Turn Your Website into a PWA

Just use incognito 🙊

A Modern CSS Reset

How about adding an overflow-x: hidden to the body?

Daily Hacktoberfest Miscellaneous discussion (October 1st)

Would love to help someone out with Laravel or Vue apps, hi...

How do you nudge developers on your team to adopt modern development practices?

From a business perspective it's an expensive choice to sta...

Animate "details" tag with pure CSS

Is there a reason why you picked margin over transform?

Is Ubuntu Or Fedora A Better Distro For Programmers?

I run Ubuntu on my development machine and Windows 10 on my...

VS Code vs Atom - how to decide?

VS Code! Took me quite some time to get comfortable coming ...

CSS only list with expandable items


Which JavaScript optimizations are worth implementing?


Uninstall Boi

So sad :(

Theme Selector

You don't need jQuery for that, or anything at all...

What does your Terminal look like?

I'm using the new Microsoft terminal with a custom font :D

What are your non-tech interests/hobbies? 🏝

Music production! Behind my pc... 😝


You could, but why would you?

My Top 10 Programming Proverbs

Shouldn't that be merge instead of commit tho?

Using the Local Storage

It's also limited to the client for the specified site, ser...

Responsive Design and Mobile First

Desktop Mobile (Icons look a bit weird on desktop, du...

Responsive Design and Mobile First

It's not difficult, it just requires more planning and crea...

Review of my first JavaScript code?

10 days ago? This is some solid code! I'd recommend looking...

Do FreeCodeCamp Certifications Hold Weight?

Haha, I can relate

Review of my first JavaScript code?

Hey that's pretty cool! Here's my feedback on the code: M...

Do FreeCodeCamp Certifications Hold Weight?

I think they're worth something, most colleges don't offer ...

What are you "old enough to remember" in software development?


Understanding Generators in ES6 Javascript

Typo in code snippet: yeild "Spider man";

What’s new in Javascript?

I don't know why but my brain thinks your banner is written...

If you enable "lazy loading" in chrome://flags, your DEV browsing experience will be moderately more efficient 😄

Have a look at Gridsome, you'll love it

📟 The New Windows Terminal

I'm so hyped, Microsoft is doing really well lately!

The Scroll Indicator

Haha, I'm all about that micro performance 😛

The Scroll Indicator

Why not transform: scaleX();?

There's More Than One Way to Become a Developer

I feel like CS is more focused on the things surrounding co...

If I don't use React, am I still a developer?

Too be honest, React, Vue, Angular, JavaScript or what ever...

Making quick blog with modern ES6

Cool, very interesting

Making quick blog with modern ES6

How about SEO?

🔥 #overengineeringchallenge 🔥

Okay, hold my beer

🔥 #overengineeringchallenge 🔥

Uses micro front end architecture for each different view

My CSS reset

body { overflow-y: auto; overflow-x: hidden; directio...

did you get your .dev domain? 😁

Best Skills to Turn My Internship Into a Career

Or DevOps to be more general :)

Best Skills to Turn My Internship Into a Career

Git (more than pull, commit & push), CI/DI & testin...

Why Microservices Are Like Line Dancing

Next up: Why Python is like English 😝

Google Login, Register UI replicated

Try Google's Material Design Components Web

How do you Think in Angular?

Just do it! Build a simple app with only components and rou...

What Do You Think About Types?

I really like flexible languages like TypeScript or Dart, s...

Which one to choose React Native, Flutter or Swift for Mobile App Development?

I'd still go for Flutter, no dependency hell, easier to set...

Which one to choose React Native, Flutter or Swift for Mobile App Development?

I'd pick Flutter

Why do you code?

I always loved to build things with Legos when I was a kid,...

4 Spaces or 2?

Most often I use 2 spaces, but it really depends on the lan...

Be careful of the JWT hype train

Android App & Website sharing the same API & Authen...

Be careful of the JWT hype train

But how do you check wether an user is authenticated or not...

Is it true that programming is easy to do?

If you enjoy it, yes! It has quite a learning curve but whe...

15 underrated VSCode Themes for a change in 2019 🤷🏻‍♀️

How'd you get that cursive font?

25 years of coding, and I'm just beginning

I have the exact same problem, everything needs to be perfe...

One year home office, things I have learned

"troll under the bridge." Haha, relatable

What did your first website design look like?

All gone :(

What did your first website design look like?

My first site was pretty good looking! But the only problem...

Odi - server-side framework

Looks sexy!

How is working?

We run on a Rails backend with mostly vanilla JavaScript on...

How do you do random?

Math.random() * 10 | 0;

What Is An Interface?

I like to call it a contract :D

How do you name your git branches?

Master 😝

Microsoft is building a Chromium based browser! 😲

I disagree with your statement, writing web applications as...

What software development skills only come with experience?

Communication, it can be with your colleges or with people ...

What are your programming goals for 2019?

Contributing to open source projects

Why function deceleration overrides

It's already explained but you are re-assigning your name v...

NSFW: Use cases for Bitwise operators in Js


The first design iteration of my personal website

Cool site, really love that coding look! I might be a bit p...

Flipping the coin: Should developers design?

As a dev I'm not a huge fan of designing. I'd rather make fas...

A Hypothetical Case of a Phishing Attack

Is this the correct way to handle the situation? Maybe... 😝

When Why and How to use Vuex

I think he's really serious about the "only has a single page...

Welcome Thread - v22

Uhm, hi? I'm Lars Klopstra, I like to code things for the w...