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GraphQL in Java EE Application

In a Maven-based development, start by adding the GraphQl dependency to your pom.xml file

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Create a directory in your resources and create a file with the name schema.graphqls

This file is gonna contain a schema that defines each field of your object and it's type.

To define the schema we'll use a special graphql dsl referred to as SDL.

SDL example:

type Query {
    gundamWings: [Gundam]
type Gundam {
  name: String
  type: String
  pilot: Pilot
type Pilot {
  id: String
  name: String
  Affiliation: String
type Mutation{
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The last step is to add a Controller

public class GundamWingsGraphQlController {
    private GundamWingsRepository gundamWingsRepository;
    public List<Gundam> gundamWingsList(){
        return gundamWingsRepository.findAll();
    public Gundam addGundam(@Argument Gundam gundam){

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The first method is for listing the data and the second one is to add an object.

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