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Lizz Katsnelson
Lizz Katsnelson

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Nevertheless, Lizz Coded

My story...

I graduated from a 10 month coding bootcamp in 2017. Afterwards, I spent way too long in a job I didn't want. I believe that was entirely due to imposter syndrome. In 2018, I decided to take a chance and quit that job with nothing lined up to try and get the job I wanted.


This is a photo of me one hour after receiving a rejection from what I thought was my dream job! I got to travel to Oahu, Hawaii for that interview, so I felt lucky that I could climb this mountain and get over it. It gets better: I got a way more exciting offer from another company the same day! I was convinced I had bombed the interview for that company, but I was wrong!

My message to those out there who are still grinding...

Don't lose hope! I was able to gain confidence by practicing solving algorithms and working on a personal project in the technologies I was most interested in. Also, don't be afraid to apply for jobs you don't think you are qualified for. You might just end up getting to travel somewhere tropical!

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Helen Anderson

What a fantastic story, thanks for sharing and encouraging others

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Charbel Sarkis

Good for you.