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How to implement Login with Logify in React

Easiest and free way to add login service to any project.

Step 1: Get a domain key from logify
Follow this article to get your Domain Key if you do not already have it.

Step 2: Setup React Project
Create new folder with name react-logify-basic

Open react-logify-basic in visual studio code

Run git clone . in terminal to clone the repository. Github Repo

Install all dependencies with npm i

Image description
Create .env file


Image description
Step 3: Run the Project
Start your project with npm start

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If I click on the login button, I can see login screen

Image description
After login, I can see my details.

Image description

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Nice... a must try post!

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Krešimir Jurković

Anyone tried this out?

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Hi, if you have any questions related to this implementation, you can post it here:
You will get your answer within 24 hrs.