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Front-end Engineer at @Agicap (Angular ❤)

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Front-end Engineer at Agicap

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Chrome v80 release: JS module support for workers

Also with v80, you can do optional chaining ! // Less err...

Angular Js

Angular.js LTS ends June 30, 2021.

Is Flutter the Future of Mobile Development?

Personally I'm from the PWA team

Angular Reactive Forms - Some Type Safety~

I approve 100%

Best Static Site Generator to use in 2020

You can add Scully, an Angular static generator

Why choose Angular for Development in 2020

Netflix and Paypal use React

Angular Vs React Comparison for 2020

Oh yes! Thank you! Finally someone who knows the difference...

Thinking one level ahead: Your path to becoming a Senior Dev

One of the best articles I've ever read ! Congrats !

Perspective of Angular in 2020

Can you please translate it ?

Mastering Angular 8: five things that are good to know to save your time.

Great article ! Just in your first point const routes: R...

Dec. 6, 2019: What did you learn this week?

Some piano basics

Help - Angular live reload suddenly stops

Do you work with docker container ?

Using jQuery with Angular 6. Is it best practice?

For drap&drop, test the Angular Material CDK. And ple...

Deploying a Two-Repo App to One Domain on Heroku

Your application looks like it crashed on Heroku

Manage your blog posts from a GIT repo and use continuous deployment to auto publish/update them

Good job ! Thank's you for sharing this with us !