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The Idea 💡

Any hackathon needs an idea. So this is where we will start.

In the past year, the world had to face the most difficult challenge in recent history. The pandemic affected millions and millions of people who either lost their job or a loved one.

However, like in any dark event, the best way to overcome it is to look on the bright side of things. Last year showed us some great things: the Human will achieve anything; Nature is always willing to come back in full glory.

always look on the bright side of life

This second point is the one that strikes me the most. To see just how quickly Nature can change and adapt. From all around the world we saw drops in carbon emissions, an increase in the air quality in cities, increased water quality of rivers and lakes. Nature is just around the corner trying to restore the balance in our planet. For me, it's time we help it achieve it.

For this hackathon, the idea is to develop a platform that tries to make people a little more environmentally conscious and enable actions to improve our world.

MVP requirements 📓

  • Users can Report
    • e.g Beach in Bad conditions, Park with trash all over etc..
  • Users can create Events that tackle the Reports
    • e.g. organizing a Beach or park cleanup, a educational activity to spread awareness
  • Users can use Reputation to vote on Reports
  • Users receive Reputation by supporting Reports that turn into Events
  • Reports and Events presented must be geographically relevant to the User and Visitor

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Until next time...

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