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Muhammad  Ahmad
Muhammad Ahmad

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Free 10 new Chakra UI components - TemplatesKart

Let's find out 10 new chakra-ui components that I added to TemplatesKart website recently.


Website: TemplatesKart
Github Repo: TemplatesKart Code

Components overview

  1. Heroes

    • With gradient cover
    • Simply centered
  2. Blog

    • Newsletter
  3. Cards

    • Join community
  4. Navbars

    • Multiple links
    • Simple one
  5. Testimonials

    • Card with border
  6. Page Sections

    • Small detail
  7. Footers

    • With logo left
    • Large with logo left

Some Components Screenshots

Blog Image

Join community card
Card Image

Navbars Image

Hero section with gradient
Hero Section

Testimonial Image

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