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Imitate lodash get method

This afternoon I used lodash.get together with react-hook-form to display error message in a form and I got the idea I could try to implement get myself as some type of brain training.

This implementation covers only use case when the path is string. Also I didnt cover get's defaultValue param.
I used the same test object as one used in lodash documentation.
Also this example wont return undefined when object's key is array, unlike lodash.get.

const get = (unit, path) => {

  if (path === "") {
    return unit;

  const pathList = path.split(".");

  return Array.isArray(unit)
         ?  get(unit[0], pathList.join("."))
         :  get(unit[pathList[0]], pathList.slice(1).join("."));

var test = { a: [{ b: { c: 3 } }] };

console.log(get(test, "a.b.c"));

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This code is only for educational purpose. Edge cases are not covered here and it should not be used anywhere in production. So long.

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