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What are your thoughts on using binary compiled software versus scripting languages?

One thing to consider is that when the tools you write are regularly used there is a point at which a software application becomes a more suitable tool than a script, no matter how convenient the tool or script was when first created.



Some of the larger scripts I create with different languages I actually put in Docker images so they are quite like binaries. Helpful when moving those between platforms.

I'm trying to learn Golang better to do this without containers as well.


Do you see application development being done frequently with interpretive languages?


Do developers use C or C++ anymore for anything other than operating system code?

I used to be an application software maintainer for a commercial UNIX operating system group. The classic old utilities were written in C. The desktop utilities (Motif, CDE, etc.) we're written in C++.

That was in the mid to late 1990s.

Most newer Linux distributions have C code for core applications and a somewhat greater variety of coding languages for applications.

Golang is an example of a comparatively newer application language.

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