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Which editors do you use?

The question's in the title. Here's my answer: VIM and Sublime Text

Sublime text is better than vim except for the fact that it doesn't support fully (yet) VIM mappings (and plugins, but I could deal with this). I use the Six package, a python emulation of VIM (ST plugins are written in Python).

ST is absolutely beautiful, amazingly fast, supports proper project management (settings per project for example), a proper multi cursor (not a hack like vim-multiple-cursor), great syntax highlighting (engine and rules), and much more...

Despite all these advantages, I'm still using the actual VIM, sometimes giving another go at ST (like right now).

That's it! Your turn!

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Irma Mesa

VSCode hands down! No VIM for me tho.

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Jorge Guberte

I used Sublime for a long time,tried Atom and Brackets but didn't like them, and a few days ago i saw a thread on here and it made me switch to VSCode; I couldn't be happier. What a delightful editor! So fast, so delicious to use.

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Arden de Raaij

VSCode! In the past years I've been using Sublime (2 & 3), Atom and VSCode. I've used Sublime for the longest times, but all those nice features of VSCode and Atom were tempting me. I tried to get used to VSCode but wasn't ready for that yet. Then I tried Atom for a while which was nice but way too slow on anything but my dev computer. Switched back to Sublime for a while until 2 months ago and now I'm hooked

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Meghan (she/her)

VSCode and Atom