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Matheus Rodrigues
Matheus Rodrigues

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Getting Started With MongoDB Using ASP.NET Core Web API

You can download the code here

Recently, I’m trying to get into NoSQL databases, more specific into document databases.

After some research, MongoDB was my choice to start with. MongoDB is a well know and popular document database, which store JSON-like documents. It’s quite accessible, having drivers supporting major languages and frameworks. Have a great community support with a large number of unofficial drivers.

The goal is to show how to set up a MongoDB instance and how to consume it with a web API in core.

Softwares needed:

*I used windows 10 to create this tutorial.

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Alex Williams

thanks for the post, really straightforward and helpful.

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Love your additions to the #dotnet community! I am currently scanning through your articles, but am excited to read more in depth this week. Thank you for sharing!

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I'm getting a 404: Page Not Found when I click continue reading.
I was really looking forward to reading this article.