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Discussion on: What technology do you want to learn in 2019?

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Matthew Daly • Edited

As others have said, GraphQL is a big one for me. I've so far built a simple Laravel backend that uses GraphQL, but haven't done very much with it.

Also, Elasticsearch - I've started learning it by building a client library for it, but haven't got all that far with it. I do maintain a legacy project at work that has a woefully inadequate search at present, and if I can get budget for the work it would be good to use Elasticsearch for that.

Also, chatbots - I've tinkered with them before and used Botman to create a simple Alexa skill to check if my train to work is late, but it'd be good to build something more challenging. I had a vague idea of building a product search chatbot using Elasticsearch, but it's still very early days with that.

Possibly React Native as well.

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Andy Carmona • Edited

I’ll go with GraphQL and Elasticsearch aswell 👍🏼.