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What technology do you want to learn in 2019?

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As 2018 is coming to an end, I'm challenging myself to pick one area of technology to really hunker down and learn. In 2019 I will learn CSS + JS SVG animations. I've always admired Sarah Drasner's courses on animations and this will be my year of really putting these skills to the test.

What do you want to learn in 2019?

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I love GraphQL! I haven't worked enough with it, but I agree this is an awesome technology to learn!


One of my friends just picked up the GraphQL meetup group where I live. I'm looking forward to the excuse to poke around with the technology more.


A few years ago when MongoDB was coming on the scene, I felt a lot of pressure to learn database technology so I could better understand the choices I was making.

I never really cracked the nut on developing a fundamental understanding of how the technology works, and I didn’t really need to. The basics often go pretty far in this space.

But in 2019 I think it is a good time in my career to put a lot of focus into the intricacies of database technology.


But in 2019 I think it is a good time in my career to put a lot of focus into the intricacies of database technology.

Great! The DB landscape has exploded :D I can't keep up!

By the way, The Guardian recently migrated from Mongo DB to Postgres, unfortunately they don't really talk about performance but the article is a nice read of their journey back to a boring technology ™. It's also filled with shade, like this picture titled "Postgres takes a bite out of mongo" 😂


I think the DB layer is probably the least optimized area of right now. We’re smart enough to keep things simple, but we need to improve so we can hang our hat on this part of the work.

We overcome some naive queries with caching. But it’s not ideal. We may have some budget to hire more in this area, but I think it’s important to personally improve here as well.

My education is generally motivated by need. 😄

My education is generally motivated by need.

Same here :D

There are a few quick wins you can try on's DB, like checking the slow query log, usually you find underused or missing indexes.

A very helpful tool is heroku-pg-extras, it can tell you about locks, outliers, unused indexes and "bloat"

I think learning by need is the best strategy. If no need is there, the brain runs 'D' of its own CRUD operations.


YES, do it!!!! These past couple of years I have really dug into database intricacies and it has paid off in spades! Not to mention, when every little change you make affects your entire application it is incredibly rewarding.

Personally, I want to learn more about containerization and Ansible. I dabbled in Ansible this year and really enjoyed it.


Started with Scala once. But had to lay aside. But would love to learn it properly.


Rust! Rust 2018 edition launch means now looks like a great time to start learning the language.

I think I want to learn Actix-Web as a tool I use with my first Rust project.


As others have said, GraphQL is a big one for me. I've so far built a simple Laravel backend that uses GraphQL, but haven't done very much with it.

Also, Elasticsearch - I've started learning it by building a client library for it, but haven't got all that far with it. I do maintain a legacy project at work that has a woefully inadequate search at present, and if I can get budget for the work it would be good to use Elasticsearch for that.

Also, chatbots - I've tinkered with them before and used Botman to create a simple Alexa skill to check if my train to work is late, but it'd be good to build something more challenging. I had a vague idea of building a product search chatbot using Elasticsearch, but it's still very early days with that.

Possibly React Native as well.


I’ll go with GraphQL and Elasticsearch aswell 👍🏼.


I think I would love to start working with Golang and also more into open source in 2019. Heard really good things about Golang by the way.


I just learned from report of Github that Javascript is the first language.
So I will learn more JS. Another language is Go.

Two projects in mind are Gatsby for static and Slate for doc.

And last is to continue deep learning of Ruby.


Do you know about Hugo ? It's a static site generator like Gatsby but built in Go, so maybe you can learn both Go and JS at the same time 🤣


I know Hugo name. Gatsby uses React and GraphQL, so seems popular.

I want to make a simple blog, do you have tutorial of Hugo blog sample?

I'm sorry, I don't know Hugo, it just popped in my mind because you talked about static websites and Go.


Gatsby is great! I've taught a few workshops on it over the last couple of months and been building a bunch of projects with it. It has been a great way to learn React better. And it introduced me to GraphQL which I now want to know more about!


Hi all, I'm working with Vuejs from beginning, my personal, I love it so much. But in Vietnam, vuejs project or job is not popular and in 2019, I need to switch to React.

2019, I would like to learn more and go deeper with JS and other stuff.


Think I need for php and will dive into js more))


React, job related, so I need to do that anyway.
I'd really like to create something with WebGL/WebXR, so that's going into the new years resolutions.


Forth. I've heard that it's quite similar to Lisp in terms of building the language up to meet your problems halfway, and that it's very efficient in terms of space.

More JavaScript. I guess there's no escaping it.


Python. I want to get better at it so when I have some downtime during the holidays, I do a couple of readings and exercises.

Also, I want to know more about Vagrant.


I got ineterested in Data Analytics recently and will be getting involve in Machine Learning


I'd like to learn more Rust and get into using WASM.

Other than that, I miss react! So I'd like to get updated with how the community writes react these days. 😁


Me too I wanna learn WASM before it's a defacto web technology and I'm hopelessly obsolete 😁


I want to learn and become very able in the use of Docker for easing my work, also learn about testing (particularly PHPUnit) because my job requires me to do that. And personally, for my own stuff, learn some Node to go along with my ever increasing React skills.


In no particular order:

  • Service Workers. I know what they are and even have it baked into my blog care of Gatsby, but I'd really like to get a deeper understanding of them and the best way to do that is from a Google Sponsored course, i.e. free, of Dave Geddes's, Service Workies.

He also has some other great courses


I've been getting into PBR textures recently and I want to pick up either Substance Painter or Mari to get better textures for my games.


I've spent the last two months of 2018 starting to dig in on SVG Animations. It has been so much fun! I think I will definitely be continuing to dig in on this topic to see where else I can go. It has encouraged me to go back to some of my original hobbies (like graphic design and illustration) which has been nice.

Along the lines of SVG animations I think I also want to add some d3.js to the mix and see what happens.

(Sarah Drasner's courses and books are amazing! I just finished her course on Frontend Masters and I'm working through her book now)


GraphQL and it's surrounding ecosystem, and Rust + WASM!


React native! Since I’m slinging react all day I figure I should learn how to make some mobile apps with it!


i want to learn dart and flutter, its awesome


Swift. I've already joined the #100DaysOfSwift challenge. This is the 8th day and the plan is to keep my streak alive until the 100th day.


Get experienced with Apache Kafka and Docker. Would like to learn Kubernetes.


In 2019, I want to really dive deeper into my understanding of Python and React Native.


I want to learn .NET Core and beef up my JS


Graphql, React, Mongo, Docker. I would like to learn another language for my Back End stack but I can't decide between Java, Python or Rust.


Well, according to your profile you're studying systems engineering. Rust is a systems language so... :-D


Yeah, but I'm not seeing to many jobs for Rust in my country ):

Ah ah I don't think there are many jobs in Rust in general. If it is also for marketability I would learn Python out of the three.


Can't wait to start writing real world solutions using Golang


I really want to learn how to make visualizations using TensorBoard.


I'm also really interested in animations with SVG, figured since I'm already doing React fulltime will be nice to learn React Native too.


Building more Alexa skills? Since I see that it will be useful to consume and take advantage of my backend and API knowledge in the future.


NodeJS, GrapgQL. It's definitely something I want to go deeper.


Get better at golang, some graphql, moar serverless and some webassembly 😋


I want to learn how IoT works and I want to increase my knowledge about Machine Learning


Likely React for pragmatic reasons, and I’d love to dive into machine learning a little. If anyone has a “ML for complete beginners” resource I’d love to check it out.


Definitely Fluter! And probably some JS frameworks, like React or Vue.


You should really give Perl 6 a try. Functional, reactive, concurrent... plus the best support for Unicode out there.

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