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Simple Keyboard Shortcuts: VS Code Edition

So you've mastered the keyboard shortcuts on your Mac and are churning out code like a cyborg now, eh? Good for you. Let's up your game even more. Here are some VS Code specific shortcuts for Mac that I have found useful:

Alt Text

  • Control-Backtick (`): Open your terminal/jump to command line.
  • Command-W: Close current tab.
  • Command-P: Quick open/search files by name.
  • Command-O: Open file.
  • Command-N: New window.
  • Control-Tab (or Control-Shift-Tab): Toggle between files.
  • Control-R: Search/open recent files.
  • Command-Up/Down: Go to beginning/end of file.
  • Fn-Left/Right: Go to beginning/end of line.
  • Command-L: Select current line.
  • Option-Up/Down: Move entire line up/down.
  • Option-Z: Toggle word wrap.
  • Option-Shift-F: Auto-format code.
  • Command-Control-F: Toggle full screen.
  • Option-click: Create multiple cursors.
  • Command-K then Command-T: Select color themes.
  • Command-K then Command-S: Open keyboard shortcut list.

Also, be sure to search the different color schemes and install one that you like. You're going to be spending a lot of time in VS Code, so get comfortable and enjoy yourself!

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