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Price Comparison of Popular Serverless Architecture Providers

Michael Bagley
UI/UX Engineer. React Novice.
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Serverless computing has become very popular over the last decade. There are many benefits to going serverless, especially when deploying production applications as an individual or small team. One of the main benefits is the pricing model, whether it be pay-as-you-go or tiered. The monetary cost of serverless application development is very much to the benefit of the developer.

You may be asking, "what is a serverless application?". This model of application development abstracts away the overhead of manually owning and configuring the backend modules required for modern apps. You can learn more about serverless apps here. This piece will aggregate the pricing calculators and models of leading serverless providers.

Easybase serverless architecture diagram

1. AWS

Amazon Web Services is a popular, enterprise solution for highly experienced developers with demanding processes.

AWS Pricing

2. Easybase

Created with the small team or individual in mind, Easybase is great for adding serverless capability to your applications. Although lacking in some of the niche aspects of serverless computing, the platform features packages for React and React Native.

Easybase Pricing

3. Azure

Similar to AWS, Microsoft's Azure is the platform for many of the most popular applications today. Although its interface is quite complicated and can be difficult to set up and use for novice developers.

Azure Pricing

4. IBM Cloud

The newest member of the serverless computing game, IBM is similar to Azure but lacks the maturity featured in Microsoft's platform. IBM Cloud is definitely still a contender and has a bright future if they can cater to the needs not catered by the other competitors.

IBM Cloud Pricing

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Ami Amigo

Poor should have summarized the pricing instead of making us search for it

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Brian Scott • Edited

I think Googles Cloud Run, AppEngine and Functions are a major miss here in the article. I would rank them better then aws for ease of use and serverless offerings.

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Will Saunders

Title of article: 'Price Comparison of Popular Serverless Architecture Providers'

Content of article: An incomplete list of popular cloud providers with a short description, no price comparisons but just some links for you to look it in to it all yourself.