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I have just started the strategy game dev project in Unity

Since I finished Coresearch library (yup, finished side project - magic ✨) which about I had written previously (, I was looking for a new project to stick with for the next few weeks. And because at my studies, we got practise exercise to create a game, I found this may be very interesting.

We had two weeks to write simple GDD (Game Design Documentation) with briefly described our vision of the project. After a long inner fight in my mind and choosing between VR or horror game with great mates from studies, I decided to create strategy game based on graph theory similar to "Little Stars for Little Wars" and Freeciv/Civilization series with ancient Slavic theme.

Alt Text

Every vertex of the graph is going to be another region to capture which can produce warriors, mana or honey. Mana and honey are going to be resources for casting spells on the enemy vertex and upgrading buildings. Why honey? It's a little easter egg for those who play "Polanie" game about another ancient Slavic tribe, where milk was the main resource. 😜 Edges of the graph are going to be paths to send warrior between regions, however, the main weight of the graph will be warriors count on the edge, not the distance itself.

First what I am going to do, is level controller with some scripts for spawning vertices on correct positions based on the config JSON file. The entire game is open-sourced since it's just my study project ;) If you want, you can check it on GitHub: If you want to be notified about news in this project, follow my profile or hashtag on, or GitHub repository.

Thanks for reading, have a wonderful day! 🤗

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