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Minimal Time Management App


Minimal Time Management App

Even on windows you need a package.json to run it. Also i did...

Work from Home setup of an Indian Developer 🇮🇳

Nice! but why you swap right & left buttons on mouse? (mo...

Minimal Time Management App

Good job, i've tried to build it for macOS but cant find the ...

Top 5 coolest VsCode Themes you should try.

Don't use themes with a bluish base color if you care about y...

CSS Grid Cheat Sheet 🔥


Best IDEs

yes, they can do almost everything. but it's not fair to comp...

Best IDEs

All three options are text editors, not IDE's.

23 Of The Best IDEs For Web Development

Aptana was amazing :(

23 Of The Best IDEs For Web Development

Every professional developer hates XCode. believe me.

Master VS Code + Resources!

Some suggestions: Themes: All three themes have a bluish back...

5 tools to supercharge your Flutter development

VSCode code completion is very bad, and this is the only reas...

What terminal do you use?

iTerm2 (+ oh my zsh + a few plugins)

What terminal do you use?

it's like play Justin Bieber to an alien who doesn't know Mic...

5 tools to supercharge your Flutter development

Instead of VSCode, Use Intelij Idea Instead of HTTP Package, ...

Linux VS Windows 10 - An Honest Comparison

I hate windows but Windows File Manager is much better than m...

What are your thoughts on the TikTok ban and the related issues?

I agree completely.

What are your thoughts on the TikTok ban and the related issues?

US companies are selling our infos to the Government.

6 Powerful CSS Techniques You Can Use Instead of Javascript

scroll-behavior: smooth; is not supported in Safari, so you ...

Awesome github README Templates


Intro To Linux [For Beginners]

Linux beginners don't need terminal commands!

What's in your recent search history related to CSS?

My last two searches : CSS Houdini open sans css

Why we need Docker?

I used docker on Mac, worse performance ever.

40+ High-Quality Free Resources for Web Development


iOS Database Comparison. What are the differences?

Im using Realm in iOS and ObjectBox in Android.

Is CSS dying already?

No, but I hate it.

Stop setting the language of your website based on user location

One of my main problems when I use a VPN !

"Is PHP Dead?" Discussion

PHP is an ugly language with a bad-design, but it's not dead...

"Hello, World!" but in 30 different languages!!!

PHP: <?php echo "Hello, World!"; also, I think Swift ...

Is it just me or is Chrome Inspector really fuc**** Awesome!!

Actually It's a copy of Firebug and Firefox inspector.

StackOverflow isn't as useful anymore? I use GitHub more often.

So I this you have no Life!

Half of Americans Don't Have High-Speed Internet

are these results including mobile data?

🦠🚪 Show your COVID19 work from home desk? 👩🏻‍💻🪑


Tips to use VSCode more efficiently

Great! Some plugin suggestions : TODO Highlight ...

Java or kotlin?


Whats your favorite shell

ZSH with Oh my zsh

What software development tools (libraries/frameworks/apps/whatever) make you feel relaxed while you're working with them?

Java, Swift, IntelliJ Idea IDE family, Item2 with ohMyZSH

What are some alternatives for Bootstrap?

I Recommend Bulma. it's amazing.

What Are Your Plans for 2020?

Defense my country (Iran) against US army. ‌¯‌\‌(ツ)/¯

The First 10 macOS Apps I Install in 2019

Some of my suggestions : • ScreenFlow is much better than ...

What essential software do you install on a new computer?

My essentials for mac : iTerm VSCode Chrome Magnet (window...

Have you used an iPad as a second monitor?

I'm using my 10" tablet as second monitor using Splashtop X...

What does your Terminal look like?


Seeking New Focus Music For Coding? Try Loopsy Dazy

Most of presented playlists is not suitable for programming...

How Do You Achieve Deep Focus?

This is my free tool for managing tasks, simple with no ext...

whats your dev setup

Intel Core i3 6100 MSI z270 carbon 16 GB DDR4 2800 128 GB S...