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Melford Birakor

I'm a frontend developer using HTML5, CSS3, JAVASCRIPT and REACTJS

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Cross River University Of Technology


Software Engineer at Freelancer

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Using Dark/Light Mode Specific Images in GitHub Markdown

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35+ Free React templates and themes

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19 Essential Front-End Interview Questions


Glassmorphism Sign In Form Using HTML & CSS

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Glassmorphism Sign In Form Using HTML & CSS


I made 150+ high-quality illustrations, totally free. Use it anywhere without attribution.

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Star-Rating Using A Single Input

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Responsive Fonts in CSS


CSS :placeholder-shown

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7 GitHub projects essential for every Javascript developer 👨🏽‍💻 🚀


React Cheat sheet (Updated June 2021)

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React custom hooks : A simple explanation🐱‍👤


Introducing Roover – a lightweight audio library for React

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52 responsive snippets to create a website for your project

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Curated list of Newsletters to level up your coding skills

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useAxios : A simple custom hook for calling APIs using axios

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How to get time spent by users on a webpage using Node.js?

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The Ultimate Web Developer Resources List 🔥Awesome 200+ Resources

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How many hours should I work (as a programmer)?

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Toggling between light and dark mode: it's not all black and white.

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My top 3 Useful Hacks for Working from Home

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4 ways to check if arrays are equal


A beginner’s journey into software development in Nigeria.

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Why You Need a Design System


7 Pieces of Advice to be a Successful Software Engineer

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