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The GitHub repos I discovered this week (II)

This weekend I traveled to Santa Cruz de la Sierra, so I didn't have much time for writing, but I'm not really sorry about it because I had an amazing time there. A really beautiful city that I would like to visit again sometime.

Last time I told you about the repositories that I discovered that week, and I'm really glad you like it that much. So, I'll try to do again, hoping you like it again.


I've known this project for a time now, but I did not realize that it wasn't starred until this week. A really must have in the watch list, because is the kind of tool you never know when you are going to need it. This tool allows you to turn any node.js program into an self-executable. Think about this as an Electron, but for any kind of programs. It will bundle your code with a version of Node and configure stuff for this work.


I really like state managers, they are like a light at the end of the tunnel. The first state manager I read and learn about was, Redux (dah), but it was not clear to me how to properly manage the state using it. Then I read about Mobx, that was better, but still, too verbose or something, idk. But, now Cerebral. It is not just another state manager, I think this is like how the state manager suppose to be. I really like it, and I hope you do as well. The best part is that it have official support for several UI Frameworks, including React, Angular and Vue. You should really check it out.


One thing I like the most about cerebral was that it was that is a mono repo, but is really organized, and the modules are separate from each other. If you are trying to organize your mono repo in separate modules, you should look at lerna. It is just about that, and it seems to handle it pretty fine. This I added for work mostly, but also for my personal stuff. I think that with this I could finally get all my little works in one single place with no worry. (Like that would ever happen).

Node Best Practices

I have to admit, I saw this today, but I need to put it somewhere. I love read about best practice and you can say I'm kind of maniac of following the style guide, but we do spend more time reading code than writing, so is for our best to learn about how to write it properly. I would need more time to read this all, but as far I can, I wish I had this when I begin working with Node. Back in my days (3 years ago) it was a mess, express is just too permissive and allows you to do practically anything you want to do. The best is that they are not framework related, so you could use any framework you want, they are like a code style guide for Node projects.

End of second edition

I really hope you like this as much you did the first one. I will continue posting about the repos, but I don't think this as a weekly thing. But idk, maybe if I discover enough repos every week. :). Thanks you for reading.

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