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Selfish Hacktoberfest 2019

My last tutorial contains a table of contents. But whatever Markdown I tried, the links never worked :(

So I needed to look under the hood and get my hands dirty...

One issue and one PR later, and everything is working like clockwork again.

Fix invalid anchored links due to "//" prefix. #4340

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Fix invalid anchored links due to "//" prefix.

  • Updates app/lib/redcarpet/render/html_rouge.rb
  • If link starts with "#", keep link as it is, since it's an anchored link

Related Tickets & Documents

Fixes #4338

Added to documentation?

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And now, I have to wait (20 minutes) until the fix goes into production, then republish my post in order to rebuild the TOC correctly.

**Table of Contents**

1. [Create a new Node project](#crud1)
1. [Add modules to the Node project](#crud2)
1. [Create the Express application](#crud3)
1. [Add EJS views](#crud4)
1. [Use views in Express](#crud5)
1. [First steps with the SQlite3 module](#crud6)
1. [Modify an existing row](#crud7)
1. [Create a new row](#crud8)
1. [Delete a row](#crud9)
1. [Conclusion](#crud10)
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Top comments (2)

bensooraj profile image
Ben Sooraj

I had the same problem too, I ended up doing some dirty patch work:

1. <a href="#crud1">Create a new Node project</a>

### 1. Create a new Node project <a id="crud1"></a>
michelc profile image

I did the same thing. But I wondered why it didn't work properly when according to the documentation and even the whole internet, no one was talking about this problem, like everything was okay.

And then it was Hacktoberfest ...