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Curb Run: Get notified when grocery pickup slots are available

Curbside pickup is the safest option for getting groceries right now, for store employees and people buying groceries alike. But slots can be frustratingly hard to get.

Chances are you live in an area with several different grocery stores, so why not look at all grocery stores in a reasonable driving distance to increase the chances of finding a slot?

Curb Run automates this whole process by scanning the individual grocery store websites for you. We'll send you a text as soon as a pickup slot becomes available.

It started out as a small script hacked together because it was difficult to manually check for timeslots across multiple Wegmans stores in our area. After several friends and neighbors expressed interest, we decided to turn it into an app. Fast forward to today we managed to add support for dozens of grocery stores.

What we built

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Demo Link

Link to Code

How we built it

Curb Run was built on Laravel, using Tailwind and VueJS for the frontend. The trickiest (and most interesting) part of building the app was to unravel the data from the various grocery store chain websites.

It was also a big eye-opener for some of the crazy mergers, acquisitions and partnerships that have been established over the years for many American grocery store chains. This was definitely visible through shared "under the hood" technology for some of the sites.

Chains we support
Map of stores

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Emma Goto πŸ™

The website explains things so clearly! Nice.