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IPC144 Course Curriculum Renewal

Our weekly tasks in this week contribute external and internal project. The one of the internal project in Seneca is IPC144 course curriculum renewal. The project is renewal original course note into new course note by using Docusaurus. The design of current original course note is not user friendly and outdated. Therefore, the this open source project replaces old course note to new course note.

As I talked about Docusarus on previous week, the Docusaurus is a project for easily deploying, building, and maintaining the websites. The most part of content is implemented but the website needs contribution for reviewing and improving correctness. The issue indicates that the page uses EBCDIC Collating Sequence table as an image which is not accessible. The task should convert into text and Markdown table.

The conversion itself is very simple. However, I should have to convert with extra carefulness because the task has to be manually converted which there is change that I mess up the table. The table is accessible than the image table after I converted into table.
After-Fix I have created PR and received reviews from other student. I will talk about more peer review next post.

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