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5 Useful VSCode Extension

Here is the list of my 5 useful extensions you need to know about.

5. Todo Tree

Todo Tree is a simple extension that searches a workspace for comment tags like TODO and FIXME, and displays them in a tree view in the explorer pane.

Alt Text

4. Placeholder Images

This extension generates and inserts placeholder images into HTML.

Useful on the prototype phase.

You can use Unsplash,, and LoremFlickr with it.

Alt Text

3. Better Comments

The Better Comments extension creates human-friendly comments in your code.

This extension categorizes your annotations into :

  • Alerts
  • Queries
  • TODOs
  • Highlights

Alt Text

2. Faker

A simple extension to generate fake data.

Very useful on early-stage development.

You can generate :

  • address
  • commerce
  • company
  • database
  • date
  • and many many more...

Alt Text

1. Code Time

It’s an open-source plugin for automatic programming metrics and time tracking.

Alt Text

You can :

  • Track your progress during the day
  • Check out the coding activity
  • Generate code time summary
  • Generate data visualizations

Alt Text

In the end...

I hope you’ll find these extensions useful for yourself ! πŸŽ‰πŸ¦₯

And you ? What's your favorite VSCode extension ? ❀

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Constantin Boulanger

Thank you for sharing!

I've created myself an article where I share my favourite extensions for VSCode !

Here : My favourite extensions for Visual Studio Code

mkubdev profile image
Maxime Kubik • Edited

Nice! Definitely need to try Log Highlighter

hqjs profile image

Try HQ Live Server smart dev server and build tool that supports typescript, Scss and frameworks out of the box

kelbri10 profile image
Kelsey Hughes

Gonna definitely have to check out the better comments extension :OOO thanks for sharing!

jamstanley profile image
jamstanley • Edited

Thank you for sharing!

eltociear profile image
Ikko Eltociear Ashimine


azimifarbehzad profile image
behzad azimifar

Thank you for sharing!

paulossouza profile image
Paulo H. • Edited

Thank you for sharing!

The Code Time extension will help me a lot. :)

mkubdev profile image
Maxime Kubik

Hi! Seems like Wakatime, but the buffer time used in codetime is much more accurate :)

lecoupa profile image
Julien Le Coupanec

Great work! Thanks