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Moataz Mohammady

a web developer from Egypt. I spend my days with my hands in many different areas of web development from back end programming (PHP / Laravel) to front end

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Install Jenkins using Docker Compose

Thanks it works well.

Deploy Laravel application with database to Heroku

Thanks but I want to install npm packages.

Filter an array for unique values in Javascript

thanks also Omar hassan created this

🔥 GraphQL Crash Course (in 10 pics!)

Thanks for this amazing tutorial ,you are talented teacher !

The React Cheatsheet for 2020 📄‬ (+ Real-World Examples)

Thanks but I cannot downlead the PDF

Learn Docker - from the beginning, part IV docker-compose basics

Thanks I just finished part 1 and now reading this amazing on...

Getting Started with Apollo Federation and Gateway

Many thanks @mandi for this tutorial I'm going to clone the ...

Introducing Frontity Chakra Theme

I just installed it here

use create-react-app to develop Chrome extensions

I was thinking how can I add react to chrome extension

Using Lerna to manage your JavaScript monorepo

Thanks from EGYPT

Offline Documentation Tools

Thanks, I just installed Zeal because some times I leave my h...

Backend part with ExpressJS, GraphQL and MongoDB for a basic Todo app

Thank you for awesome tutorial

Frontend part with React and ApolloGraphQL for a basic TodoApp

Thank you for awesome tutorial

Accepting Linkedin invitations through javascript

I think the best way to reject account first then run this ac...

Accepting Linkedin invitations through javascript

you have to use setTimeout to avoid blocking (heavy requests)

How I solved: Failed to fetch, 403 Forbidden

Thanks @deepika_banoth this helped me

How To Choose Open Source Package

Thanks @te7ahoudini for this helpful guide I think number of...

GraphQL - React Apollo with Demo

Thanks @Nighil I was using apollo boost while my team leade...

Getting Started with RxJS

Thanks, Andrew for this helpful introduction

Add dark mode to your website with just a few lines of code

Awesome I will try it in my website

Creating a Resume in HTML and CSS

Thanks I will create my own and share it ...

Introduction to Node.js

Thanks flavio for this awesome introduction, it was helpfu...

Two simple tests you should be using with Postman

Thanks Benjamin. I'm diving into this tutorial now learnin...

Increasing my PageSpeed score from 92% to 100% using CSS only

Awesome I will check also I loved you landing page

Laravue - a beautiful dashboard for Laravel

Thanks for the share , And I will check it.

3 simple tips to improve your Laravel code today

To be checked thanks

3 simple tips to improve your Laravel code today

You refreshed my memory I will try to follow your suggesti...

React Hooks in 5 Minutes


Welcome Thread - v54

I'm happy joining this awesome community!!