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CSS Grid Tutorial For Beginners

I find this quite easy to understand. Very beginner friendly....

Welcome Thread - v156

Welcome Salman

Web3 - just your typical post!

That's some good roast sire. Should I expect more?

Lets create a screen recorder with JS

Damn. You just earned a follower and my respect. Keep those c...

Lets create a screen recorder with JS

The minute I saw the tutorial, the next thing I knew was that...

Lets create a screen recorder with JS

Very clear explanation. Loved it

Solidity Basics for JavaScript Devs Part 1

You're a savior

I work hard in order to avoid work - My view on refactoring

It's writings like this I search for where developers share t...

Look back on these three months: I release an app and write an article every week

Hey, don't give up. Keep those amazing ideas coming.

Look back on these three months: I release an app and write an article every week

I've been following your work for past few weeks. Loved the c...

What I Look for When Hiring Senior Software Engineers

Tyler, I've always learned from you. Excellent writing.

Node.js - The EventEmitter

Very impressive. Loved how you navigate step by step from sim...

My Story completing 1 year at an early stage startup (Part 1)

Glad to know. I assume you're from Pakistan. How do you see t...

Next.js E-Commerce Tutorial: SPA Example

I recently worked on a similar stuff but struggled with heade...

My Story completing 1 year at an early stage startup (Part 1)

Really interesting story. Is Upwork still your primary freela...

Fruit quality detection web app using SashiDo and Teachable Machine

Cool idea.

Fault tolerance on the web

It doesn't and that isn't even the point of the post in my op...

Fault tolerance on the web

Very valuable content. I really liked the term 'fault toleran...

Delegating Effectively as a Tech Lead

This is amazing. I've been monitoring team of 4 young develop...

Lazy-loading style sheets with your own JavaScript function


Understanding the array methods Array.some() and Array.every() in JavaScript

Definitely makes sense. Boolean variables should has prefixes...

Windows 11 in React Js 💻 🌈

Good one. Really liked the level of details

A Guide to Good Code Reviews

I dunno how I found it but they are some really solid points.

What's new in React 18 ?

@muditdev Really liked how you explained everything. I'm rea...

The Four Core Concepts of webpack

Very valuable writing for beginners

A Quick Guide to React useCallback Hook

Thank you for the explanation. I understand the concept. I am...

A new approach to have Dynamic Forms in Angular

I started working on a client project 3 months ago that requi...

A Quick Guide to React useCallback Hook

Very interesting read. I'm curious what's the useful case for...

A new approach to have Dynamic Forms in Angular

Holy S###. I love this stuff. API is clean.

Master the art of React.useEffect

This is pure gold. Very beginner friendly.

"Let me wait-for-it and call you back", said wait-for-it.js

Cool idea. Way to go

Lazy Loading Data in ReactJS using Intersection Observer

Good piece. Really liked your approach.

The Simpsons in CSS

You never fail to amaze me. Loved your previous works, loved ...

React Props Cheatsheet: 10 Patterns You Should Know

Very useful patterns. Thank you

5 Mistakes I Wish I Didn't Make As A Self-Taught Developer

Hi there Basit Co-indecently, I am also a mechanical engineer...

Just a little UI tips


10+ The Best javascript games code

Crazy stuff. I'm working myself creating 10 games in JavaScri...

Beginner's guide to understanding the relevance of your search with Elasticsearch and Kibana

You just explained the difficult to digest concepts so elegan...

Angular CDK - Platform Module

Nice tidbit.

Remove Duplicates With Set() - Full-Stop

Does that work with array of objects, having similar properti...

How I understand Covariance & Contravariance in typescript

This is something I've never seen before. I've used classes b...

How I dynamically updated the Title and Meta Tags in my Angular application

This is some high quality stuff. I liked the second approach ...

Improving Your React Code - Custom Hooks

Thank you. Requires a second read but totally worth it

Let's build an actual working Guitar🎸 with JavaScript 💻🤘

Stuff like this blows my mind. There's no end to creativity. ...

Redux-Saga: What/Why/How + examples

Loved the explanation. Would you please explain when do we us...

Caching in NodeJS with Redis

Loved the explanation. Very handy

Demystifying JWT: How to secure your next web app

It still presents a different perspective that few people mig...

Learn redux-toolkit in 10 steps

Kudos. I enjoyed this one as much as your previous ones

Best Practices for Managing RxJS Subscriptions

That's actually quite a useful pattern. I remember unsubscrib...

A Detailed Breakdown of HTML Form Event Attributes

What problems do we face using events with 'on' prefix?

4 Must-Know TypeScript Tips & Tricks

Fascinating. Makes development really easy. Before 'Partial',...

What are JS Generators?

What are common use cases for generators?

AWS S3: The Basics

Really helped understanding the basics.

Getting started with React and D3

"What we are going to do is use React to render the elements ...

Getting Started with Storybook: How to Develop React Components Without an App

I've recently used storybook and it's a great library. Visual...

Min, Max, and Clamp

That's quite a nice piece of writing. I've watched Ken Powell...

Internationalizing your React app with i18next

Good one. Bring more

How to use Populate in Mongoose & Node.js

Absolute delight to read.

A better Image component for React Native

That's a good idea Dani.

Welcome Thread - v88

Welcome Ibtsam.

How I Cloned VSCode to use as my Portfolio

It's amazing. My two cents. How about changing the background...

Quick Redux Optimization Tips


Nightmare of Regular Expression will end here?

OMG. Where was this thing all my life.

How to keep cleaner React components with object map?

This is quite a neat pattern.

3 Ways to Upgrade your Mongoose Schemas

I'd say I've basic understanding of mongoose and am only limi...

Demystifying React Hooks: useRef

I always struggled with hooks other than useState and useEffe...

CSS Filter

Really really amazing. Loved it.

Deploying a React (with Redux)/Rails app with Netlify/Heroku

Extremely helpful. I always wondered how MongoDB had Atlas bu...

The Clean Coder: Three Takeaways

Extremely helpful. Most of the times, we do not inform client...

How to Create a Custom usePageBottom() React Hook

Clear and concise. Love the simplicity

Deploying a React (with Redux)/Rails app with Netlify/Heroku

I've a question. Does Heroku provides database as well?

%100 React Native Mobile & Web App at Turkish Bank

I've a very little experience with Native while I'm on React ...

🎭 A Full-stack Meme Generator with React Hooks + Express 🪐

Nice project. I enjoyed project structure even more

I have a Portfolio now 👨‍💻🎉

That's very unique Yash. Especially the headings with functio...

What's the one thing you always need to google?


How to make a URL shortener with Express and TypeScript

Great. I'm on my way to start backend portion of MERN. Really...

Debugging - you’re doing it wrong. 10 techniques to find a bug in your code

Cool and makes great sense. I'm mechanical engineer myself an...

UI/UX Design Portfolio

Loved the minimalistic approach you used. One thing however, ...

Deno - why all the buzz?

The is the most unbiased and well written review of the hype ...

Simple React Shopping Cart

I really like the look of the app. It's simple and minimalist...

How to show Ads in React Native?

Unique post. In general, I think mostly businesses go for rea...

How to become a Frontend Dev 👩‍💻👨‍💻 +the Frontend checklist✅

Amazing checklist

Fetching resources in a React Suspense world

You're really good at this. I'm quite new to suspense and thi...

5 ways that will change how you write React hooks

I definitely learned something new today. Thank you for this ...

When React Native Make Sense?

Well written and makes sense.

Making Responsive Layouts without using Media Queries

I really liked your explanation of grid template column. I ...

Frontend Shorts: How to create link content previewer with React, Vue, and Vanilla JavaScript

It's a nice approach. I always wondered how this thing work...

6 Awesome JavaScript Snippets to read and learn from!


A serverless app that texts me positive COVID-19 news

Loved the idea. I've been struggling learning twilio. Hope ...

Refactoring useState() To useReducer()

The example is very clear and detailed. Thank you

Correctly handling async/await in React components

This is gold Alex. I've been on React for an year now and it'...

Understanding the importance of the key prop in React 🗝

That's an excellent explanation. Bring more

Generate Daily Coronavirus Videos using NodeJS

Sometime JavaScript surprises me

Why you can't break a forEach loop | ByteSize JS

This is so helpful

Daily Challenge #215 - Difference of 2

This really is Savage

Functional Programming Basics Before You Learn React and Redux - The What - Part 1

It may not be the best read for a beginner but I thoroughly...

React: useState

I've been working on react for about 9 months now but I keep ...

React: Simple Auth Flow

Where do I get dispatch from while calling action? Sorry fo...

How do you build houses with Flexbox?

You dissect the case so well. Kudos

CSS Flexbox Cheatsheet VS Code extension v2

Absolutely. I've installed it. I'm quite new to flexbox. I ...

CSS Flexbox Cheatsheet VS Code extension v2

How did I miss this one? Amazing plugin

When To Use useState vs useReducer Hook In React

I've been looking for this for so long. This is so helpful

An Opinionated Coding Styleguide for Angular

This reminds me of the practice I've mostly seen in React c...

How to Smoothly Render Images in React App?

So cool.

The Disappearing Line (a CSS Mystery)

It was a fun tidbit. I didn't know flex could create such i...

Custom exceptions with JS

Loved it.

SASS CSS for Beginners

Let me tell you it was very helpful for someone like me who i...

Aurelia 2 Can Emulate Other Frameworks

I'm already loving it. I work on an enterprise level Aurelia ...

How to lift your React App performance using Lazy Loading?

I love how you explain difficult concepts while keeping thi...

A retrospective on PokeAPI

You're the one behind that awesome API? I'm glad I read thi...

TypeScript Tutorial: A step-by-step guide to learn TypeScript

It was a helpful guide. Thank you

What's hard about React Hooks for you?

I'm stuck there too. I've read hundreds of times on documen...

How React.js helped me build a fun Pokédex web app

I've been huge Pokemon fan too. Kudos

Easy State Management on ReactJS with flatstore

Hey, I really liked that. Almost no boilerplate

Building Great User Experience with React Suspense


Selective Angular Component Rendering with ngSwitch

Never heard of switch. Good entry Matt

Learn Graphql by building an API for a to-do app.

I found this extremely helpful. Great explanation

Most frequently asked questions in PWA

Wow, great checklist.

How does your code sound?

It's such a crazy idea. Loved it

Dealing with callbacks as props in React

Pure gold

Write Custom Hooks in React

I am kinda confused about the use of useReducer.

QR Code integration in PWA and its challenges

One thing I love about Indians is that there are many of th...

Change Detection: Getting in the (Angular) Zone!

I loved your explanation.

How to make a PWA in Angular

Wow. That was very easy to get

Socket.IO - What, Why and How?

Thanks mate, you made this thing very easy to digest. Indee...

Filtering collection properties the easy way

Looks amazing.

Mongoose 101

Interesting take.

Google Sheets as your web backend

Wow, never thought about that

How have I ensured the privacy and anonymity of my website users? 🤔

An interesting read. Loved the concepts

Closures - JavaScript Concepts

I really appreciate your response. Thank you for making the...

Closures - JavaScript Concepts

I read something like this in a random code: something ()()...

Clean Code Applied to JavaScript — Part III. Functions

A simple thank you can't express my gratitude. Bring more

NodeJS & PostgreSQL: How To Connect Our Database To Our Simple Express Server (with an ORM)

You saved a drowning man here with your series. Kudos

💪 Train your CSS skills with online games 👾

Where did you find such gold? Amazing

Code splitting React router with React Lazy and React Suspense

That was a delight to read. Can you please write about susp...

Don't be one of these React Devs🙄

Can't agree anymore

Filtering Arrays Like A Pro

Wow. They are some really cool things. May be weird too

Got any weekend projects on the go?

Your portfolio is so amazing. Subarashi

How to query documents in MongoDB that fall within a specified date range using Mongoose and Node.

I was recently facing the very same problem. You made it qu...

🔥 GraphQL Crash Course (in 10 pics!)

I absolutely loved the way you explained. Bring more

How I think when I write a React component. 🤔

I love the concept. But don't you think it makes the code l...

I made Listly: All your lists in one place!

I think sometime time limit produce great result. Loved you...

The essential guide for designing a production-ready, developer-friendly RESTful API

It was extremely helpful.

JavaScript Destructuring | All you need to know

Using Pokemon as example made it even more interesting

What I learned in 40 hours switching from Angular to React!

That's some note worthy reading.

Create a signature pad in React

Looks promising. Thanks for introducing this library

Ditching worthless friends with Facebook data and JavaScript

A developer wandering off can have destructive ideas. Loved...

Hi, I'm Muhammad Arslan Aslam

Nice to meet you too. Are you part of the book 'First Year ...

Coercion in JavaScript

You earned a follower. Where have you been driving these un...

ES6 for loops: Best Practices

Just wanted to thank you for this awesome explanation.

14 Beneficial Tips to Write Cleaner Code in React Apps

You just showed an amazing list of good practices. Thanks f...

Tips For Validating HTML Form Inputs

I'd love to hear explanation.

Twitter's new UI

I like it. Will this society accept me?

What was your win this week?

Simple and plain. Loved your portfolio

React Hooks for Data Part 1 - Fetching Data

Loved your explanation. Can you describe useEffect in detai...

Using React Router to Optimize Single Page Applications

Hey there Aman, that's a useful revision of concepts. Thank...

If your programming language were a Pokemon, which would it be?

Totally agree

Introduction to Higher Order Components(HOCs)In React

Just spend last few days with HOC and I understand your poi...

What jobs did you hold before you got into software?

Well I am mechanical engineer turned programmer.

Introduction to Higher Order Components(HOCs)In React

I just can't understand HOC. We can use custom components f...

My Favorite Teachers In The JavaScript Community

Yup. He's so unique

How To Make Interactive ReactJS Form

For some reason, I can't display the error message. I've re...

What was your win this week?

This week, I made a note taking app. Took me a while but I'...

CSS: From Zero to Hero

Thank you Ali for wonderful explanation

Next Stop: Flutter

Well Uber does have a PWA I guess