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What about

n, m
print("*" * n)
print(("*" + " " * (n-2) + "*\n") * m - 2)
print("*" * n)

(sorry, I can't sleep)


it throws error... but fixed it and the latest is

print("*" * n)
print(("*" + " " * (n-2) + "*\n") * (m - 2))
print("*" * n)


But how to avoid the unnecessary new line, @protium ?


Sorry, I didn't test it. You could add another print before the last line and multiply by m - 3. But notice that the code I wrote is awful and has a terrible performance. I just wanted to point out what awesome things you can do with python.

A good practice will be to solve it with just one for loop. It will have the same time complexity but it implies more math.

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