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Ricardo Moreira
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Setting private-friendly web analytics into your website

Knowing the analytics on your website is important. Know what pages people go, what pages people don't, etc, from where (in the case you work with an international website) makes you understand better your website and your customers for example.
Normally analytics come with privacy issues and cookies and pop-ups, so when I was developing my websites, even that I would like to have analytics on them I would not want to track people or wanted their data shared so I have been avoiding putting analytics till I found an easy solution.
That where Plausible comes in. There are more solutions, some more expensive, others more cheap or free but Plausible at least till now offers a great solution for a great price.

It's based in Europe ( Estonia), doesn't track or use any cookies so you don't need to add any cookie statement to your website and you get a full report of your website. If that is not enough I also can say that Plausible is open source and easy to install and manage.

What follows is for websites made with Nuxt, but you can find in Plausible website info to install into other websites.

First I installed Plausible into my project:

npm install vue-plausible
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After installed open your nuxt.config.js and in the module section:

modules: [
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Now that you set the module you need to put your domain set. Still in the nuxt.config.js, for example right after the modules put this:

plausible: {
    domain: 'yourdomain',
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In there don't put the https just your domain. In my case is

And that's all you need to do. Of course that you also need to go to Plausible website, register your account and put your website there.
In case you have more than one website, Plausible lets you add as many websites as you need at the same price.
You can try the trial version, just register and you are free to go.

I am happy with Plausible until the moment and gives exactly what I want, easy analytics with zero trackings.

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