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re: What do you wish you were better at?
re: What are you learning right now?
I'd like to learn everything there is, but now I have time ...
re: Share your team-building stories
I work in a rather small company, only about 25 people. The...
re: What part of your first dev job were you least prepared for?
Abundance of business logic in the code. I thought the prog...
re: How old have you been when you started programming and what was your first project?
I built my first website in the 5th grade. I don't remember...
re: The Introvert's Guide to Office Networking
I can relate so much, draining is the word.
re: My GitHub Graveyard
Yes please!
re: My GitHub Graveyard
I like the idea of koe, I'm learning machine learning and i...
re: 4 Full Examples of Monte Carlo Simulation
Thank you for the articles, they are very informative, yet ...
re: Do you have a morning routine?
Same here.
re: I made a dyslexic app with over 50,000 users
What a great job!
re: Checklist - Animation showoff
Super cool. Not annoying at all.
re: Organizing the mess in your head
Your story is very inspiring. Thank you for the article.
re: Accessibility For Beginners with HTML and CSS
Thank you, Alex! I'll edit the post with this information.
re: Accessibility For Beginners with HTML and CSS
Thank you for your comment Tomasz, I'll learn more about th...
re: Accessibility For Beginners with HTML and CSS
Thank you for your comment Eric, I'm a beginner myself with...
re: Aprendi JavaScript com esses cursos e livros
Eu gostaria de adicionar e, ma...
re: Write Software that Evolves
What a good article! I love the concept of MVP, I use it a ...
re: JS Algorithms Repo is Over 30K Stars Now
What an awesome project!
re: Wannabe a certified Rockstar developer?
Wow, what a style, it'll be fun looking into it. And it wou...
re: What has programming taught you that you keep-in-mind/use in your daily life?
It taught me that failing is fine, and that if you fail lon...
re: Welcome Thread - v13
Welcome aboard! :)
re: Dijkstra's algorithm in python: algorithms for beginners
Yep! I will write about it soon. Thanks for reading :)
re: If you could not code anymore, what would you do?
I'm glad :)
re: Try ending today with a failing test for a great start tomorrow
What a great idea!
re: Stop saying you dont have time!
I really liked the second video. Thank you for the great po...
re: Tech Career Advice from 30 Interviews
Thank you so much for this great interview series, it's ver...
re: If you could not code anymore, what would you do?
I would cry, honestly. Then I'd become a yoga instructor, s...
re: Changelog: Mentor Matchmaking!
Submitted to find a mentor. I'm a coder already, but there'...
re: What's your ideal way of learning? 🤔
This applies only to learning. I really like it: Having a ...
re: Updating a dict in python
Thanks Rhymes!
re: Python: update a dict by object
Hi. In general case, your solution is better and cleaner th...
re: Write a function that outputs a pleasant text color hex given a background color hex
I implemented this in python: import argparse from color...
re: Welcome Thread - v10
Hi! My name is Maria. I was looking for a blogging platfo...
re: Nevertheless, Akanksha Sharma Coded
Your story is really inspiring!