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Fix keyboard is freezed by Xfce4 screensaver and LightDM light-locker


I use Artix Linux as my workstation. It is based on Arch Linux and adopts Systemd-free approach.
I chose Xfce4 as lightweight desktop environment with LightDM as login manager and OpenRC as init system.
I like itπŸ™‚


Well, I had had a small but inconvenient problem.
Keyboard didn't work after the session was locked due to a certain time passed without any operation.

lock screen was light-locker's

I logged in again then to restore the session. Then I hit some keys in application which had been the primary before locked. Nothing worked.

I had to activate another application once. So I could use the primary application as I had.
It was actually some sort of solution but inconvenient, unpleasant and uncomfortable.

Cause and reason

I found it was because both Xfce4 screensaver ( xfce4-screensaver ) and Light Locker ( light-locker ) locked the session.



To disable either xfce4-screensaver or light-locker.

Case 1: Use light-locker (= disable xfce4-screensaver)

Uninstall xfce4-screensaver if you don't use it:

# pacman -Rs xfce4-screensaver
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It was my option.

As another option, you may disable it with Xfce4 "Settings" menus. Go to "Settings" > "Session and Startup", select "Application Autostart" and uncheck "Screensaver". Make only "Screen Locker" checked:

settings menus case 1

Then log out and log in again.
You will see Light Locker screen when the session is locked:

light-locker lock screen

Case 2: Use xfce4-screensaver (= disable light-locker)

Go to "Settings" > "Session and Startup", select "Application Autostart" and uncheck "Screen Locker". Make only "Screensaver" checked:

settings menus case 2

Then log out and log in again.
You will see Xfce4 Screensaver lock screen when the session is locked:

xfce screensaver lock screen

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