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Fix AMD Radeon (Arch) Linux failed to start LightDM on boot


I use Artix Linux as my workstation, which is based on Arch Linux and adopts Systemd-free approach. In my case, the init system is OpenRC.
My current machine is home-built using AMD Radeon as graphics card and GPU.


It always failed to start LightDM, a display manager, on boot, and just showed blank screen except a single underscore.
I had to:

  1. push Alt + F4 to meet XDM console
  2. enter login password
  3. run startxfce4
  4. enter password again

... every time🤒
Also, Fcitx hadn't worked well for every first boot recently.
It was inconvenient and uncomfortable.


I followed the Arch Linux documentation below and have become happy😃

First, I edited mkinitcpio.conf:

# nvim /etc/mkinitcpio.conf
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to enable amdgpu module like this:

+ MODULES=(amdgpu)
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Then I rebuilt initial ramdisk for Linux kernel:

# mkinitcpio -p linux
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That's it. I have got along with LightDM ever since😊


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