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Cricket scoring app using Appwrite & NextJS

Overview of My Submission

Hi, this is an attempt to learn appwrite by trying out a single user cricket scoring app. We play cricket hence the idea, thought it would be nice to have an app that we can use for ourselves to add scoring and see how we played :).

I have used NextJS with some minimal tailwind based styling, have spent more time on the functonality of the App as the state changes, due to various scoring conditions, were a bit confusing and time consuming.

Here is the link to the github repository

Submission Category:

Wacky Wildcards

Additional Resources / Info

Here are some screenshots
New match
New match form 1
New match form 2
New match form 3
New match form 4

Match started
Add score
First batting score card

cricket score

Note: The image at the bottom is a random one from Unsplash

FYI, the application is not quite complete, there is some more state improvements.

Thank you!!!

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darikdeonun profile image

I am trying to apply this on my criclink website. But scorecard UI/UX is not that good, is it possible to add some new code in your one's to make it even more batter? Or we can add some new features.

BTW, a big shoutout for your efforts.

networkandcode profile image

Feel free to make changes!