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I'm at building tools to enable brands to create best in class conversational marketing experiences using our 🤖 Bot/AI platform 🤖.

Current tech stack in JS/Node:

  • TypeScript
  • React:
    • Styled Components
    • React Router
    • Formik
    • Redux
    • Storybook

  • Express

  • Ava + Jest (migrating everything to Jest because of TS support)

Also dabbling a bit in Python/Django, but still fairly new to that part of the stack.

Lots of fun and lots to do. 😉


Cool! If you don't mind me asking, what are the use-cases folks are finding best for conversational AI? What's still finicky?


These are just my thoughts as I’m still fairly new at the company.

Mobile is so common these days and because of that chat. I think Conversational AI is doing well for surveys or simple questions that help guide a user towards potentially buying a product or service. It doesn’t necessarily mean they buy something in the chat, but it’s another channel in omni-channel e-commerce that arms them with info to eventually make a purchase.

I think it also helps you build a rapport with your client and since they engaged the chat, stuff like notifications aren't as intrusive, provided you don't send them tonnes everyday.

I think the main finicky thing is not getting answers like you’d expect if you were talking to a real person. I’m not working on the AI part, so I can’t comment so much about that, but I think improving that is more about processing more chats to improve the conversation with a chat bot.

Also, for some things that you might normally buy in person, there’s a challenge there. How can you offer a great experience in chat that is comparable to the in-person experience or adequate enough? I think that’s the nut to crack.

I think once I’ve been there longer, I’ll have some better answers. 😉

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