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Ben Halpern
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What are you working on these days?

Whether personal or work projects, what are you building?

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Andrew Chou • Edited

Building a personal site using Mithril.js that will eventually be deployed with Netlify.

It's incorporating a lot of tools and libraries that I have little experience in, namely:

  • Mithril (obviously)
  • Webpack
  • Netlify
  • Mapbox GL JS

I'll hopefully learn a lot in the process and actually finish it!

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Ati Ok

Just curious, what made you pick Mithril for this project?

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Saurabh Sharma


you can look up some of my projects:
URL Shortener microservice ->
Request Header Parser Microservice ->
find random names for your projects ->

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Ali Spittel

Side Projects: These days I've been writing a bunch of tiny apps to learn new tech rather than writing anything larger. I think it keeps me more interested because the end is always in sight! I have trouble if things aren't finished, so I like that I can get them done in 1/2 sittings. I've been doing a lot of the challenges recently as well as ones that I write blog posts about!

For work: I teach now! So lots of smaller apps there as well in order to demonstrate techniques/technologies!

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Ben Halpern

Awesome, keep it coming!

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Damien Cosset

Working towards building a fully functional application with a private blockchain. Currently learning about the Hyperledger projects that would enable me to do that. Waaaaay over my head for the moment though :D

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Ben Halpern

Can't wait to see what you write about after all of this!

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Dídac • Edited

Working on:

  • My portfolio using Gatsby.
  • Doing a PWA with React, Firebase Auth and Firebase Firestore.
  • Just deployed last version of Public Api's list.
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Xing Wang • Edited

These days, I primarily workon my Startup, an API analytics platform, already process over 1 Billion API calls every week. For front end we use javascript and react. For backend administrative and third party integration is in Node.JS. For large scale data processing and ML (core part of our tech), we use Scala, and build on techs such as Hadoop, Spark, Kafka and so on.

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Frank Carr • Edited

I'm starting a new job next week after being out of work almost two months. It will be using Microsoft stack (MVC, C#, etc) and will involve supporting various manufacturing operations. The team there is very interested in microservices and cloud deployments.

On my own, now that the cramming for the technical interview process is over, I've recently purchased a Raspberry Pi and I'm learning about it. I'm still undecided if I'm going to take the more familiar path of Windows 10 IoT and C# or dig into Raspberian and Java. This learning experience could potentially be also used in my new workplace to replace the old desktop style PC's they're currently using on the production floor.

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Omar E. Lopez • Edited

I'm really a bit busy these days, I'm working on the front-end (using angular 5) of an IoT platform sorbasoft, on the other hand I'm doing full stack in a management site using react.js and to finish studying a bit of cryptography for my PhD ;)

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Ben Halpern

Angular 5? Boy time flies. How long have you been using Angular?

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Omar E. Lopez

I've really used angular 5 very little since I started with it 2 months ago, I'm a React fan and I'm using angular because in the project they were already using it, not by my own decision, in change react I've been using it for about a year and a half since version 0.12

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Nick Taylor

I'm at building tools to enable brands to create best in class conversational marketing experiences using our 🤖 Bot/AI platform 🤖.

Current tech stack in JS/Node:

  • TypeScript
  • React:
    • Styled Components
    • React Router
    • Formik
    • Redux
    • Storybook

  • Express

  • Ava + Jest (migrating everything to Jest because of TS support)

Also dabbling a bit in Python/Django, but still fairly new to that part of the stack.

Lots of fun and lots to do. 😉

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Ben Halpern

Cool! If you don't mind me asking, what are the use-cases folks are finding best for conversational AI? What's still finicky?

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Nick Taylor • Edited

These are just my thoughts as I’m still fairly new at the company.

Mobile is so common these days and because of that chat. I think Conversational AI is doing well for surveys or simple questions that help guide a user towards potentially buying a product or service. It doesn’t necessarily mean they buy something in the chat, but it’s another channel in omni-channel e-commerce that arms them with info to eventually make a purchase.

I think it also helps you build a rapport with your client and since they engaged the chat, stuff like notifications aren't as intrusive, provided you don't send them tonnes everyday.

I think the main finicky thing is not getting answers like you’d expect if you were talking to a real person. I’m not working on the AI part, so I can’t comment so much about that, but I think improving that is more about processing more chats to improve the conversation with a chat bot.

Also, for some things that you might normally buy in person, there’s a challenge there. How can you offer a great experience in chat that is comparable to the in-person experience or adequate enough? I think that’s the nut to crack.

I think once I’ve been there longer, I’ll have some better answers. 😉

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Kostas Bariotis

My current side project is which I am also trying to monetize. It's interesting and more than just plain code.

For work, I started this week to implement GraphQL subscriptions over WebSockets but with AWS Lambdas and IoT. Today I had my first demo. 🙂

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Dimitrios Melidonis

Currently I am working on GitCup.

It's one of my side projects, a desktop tool that allows devs to estimate user stories by using coffee cups and their own Git commits.

GitCup projections

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Ben Halpern

Ha! Nice.

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Evaldas Buinauskas

Building a data streaming platform to improve search. Involves Kafka and its API, Elasticsearch, ServiceStack. Quite exciting.

Would love to work on a side project to keep myself educated.

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Xing Wang

Is this a personal project or a job? Would love to learn more.

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Evaldas Buinauskas • Edited

It's job. This was personal interest that has turned into a project within company.

Also, probably it would be correct to say streaming pipeline, not the platform itself.

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Douglas McKechie

In terms of personal projects I am currently very slowly working on 2 big features for a JavaScript library I created called Winwheel.js.

Winwheel.js allows people to easily create Wheel of fortune style spinning wheels on HTML canvas (more details at

First big feature is making it responsive, so the wheels reduce in size on tablet and mobile devices. I've had a lot of queries about this in the last few months.

Second is supporting animation of more than one wheel on the screen at the same time.

Just need to find/make the time to complete coding, update the documentation and write tutorials.

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Martin Himmel

For work, a learning management and employee evaluation system.

Personal project - I've slowly been working on a kitchen companion project for my wife. Something like Out of Milk, but with the features it doesn't have that she wants. Plus a recipe tracker and meal planner (those are my ideas - she doesn't know about them yet :) ).

Something I started but have been neglecting is learning Unity for game development.

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Shawn Sommer • Edited

Boy, where to start...mostly I have been working on learning new things. Having been more of a back end developer in my work life, I've now moved into learning (or relearing) front end technologies to take the next step career wise.

Thus far on the technical end I've been working with:

  • Bootstrap 4
  • JavaScript
  • JQuery
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Wordpress
  • Php
  • Python

On other fronts I've been trying to wrap my head around:

  • Business development
  • Branding
  • UI/UX design
  • Wordpress theme development
  • Web design and accessibility

Basically, I have been prepping to launch my freelance career and working towards building my own site to assist in the journey.