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Discussion on: What apps do you use for development?

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Nicolas Bailly • Edited

Here's what I use daily :

  • Windows 10 (with Powershell and Windows Terminal)
  • Ubuntu on WSL2
  • phpStorm (for PHP, TypeScript and SQL)
  • Firefox

And that's about it really. More occasionally I'll use :

  • Chrome when I'm working on a PWA and need to debug on Android
  • to do some light image editing
  • emEditor when I need to open a huge file (like a 4GB XML)
  • POSTman (although I'm using phpStorm instead more and more)
  • WinSCP
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Jakob Attkinson

How does PHPStorm replace postman?!

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Nicolas Bailly

There's an http client in phpStorm (, which lets you write http queries, execute them with variables stored in environment files, handle them with simple javascript scripts (to retrieve tokens for the next query for example), and write tests to check if the request returned what you expected.

It's a little less intuitive than POSTman because it's entirely code based, but the good thing is you don't have to leave your IDE, and you can commit the http test files in the repo with your code (I guess technically you could commit you POSTman collections too).