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What apps do you use for development?

I am asking about photo editors, IDE/CE's, browsers, operating systems, languages, etc. Name what you use the most. If you have multiple common ones name them all.

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Nicolas Bailly • Edited

Here's what I use daily :

  • Windows 10 (with Powershell and Windows Terminal)
  • Ubuntu on WSL2
  • phpStorm (for PHP, TypeScript and SQL)
  • Firefox

And that's about it really. More occasionally I'll use :

  • Chrome when I'm working on a PWA and need to debug on Android
  • to do some light image editing
  • emEditor when I need to open a huge file (like a 4GB XML)
  • POSTman (although I'm using phpStorm instead more and more)
  • WinSCP
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Jakob Attkinson

How does PHPStorm replace postman?!

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Nicolas Bailly

There's an http client in phpStorm (, which lets you write http queries, execute them with variables stored in environment files, handle them with simple javascript scripts (to retrieve tokens for the next query for example), and write tests to check if the request returned what you expected.

It's a little less intuitive than POSTman because it's entirely code based, but the good thing is you don't have to leave your IDE, and you can commit the http test files in the repo with your code (I guess technically you could commit you POSTman collections too).

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Personally I use Ubuntu 20.04 for my OS, VSCode for my code editor, Firefox as my browser, GIMP and Inkscape for graphics, and Qt for my GUI library. The languages I use are Python and C++ (looking for a long-term language because I don't like doing them). For my terminal emulator, I use Qterminal.

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🦄N B🛡 • Edited

looking for a long-term language because I don't like doing them

Same. Though in the mean time markdown seems to have sneaked in and replaced both. I guess "wow I have 4 years of 'experience' in markdown" is what happens while you're making other plans.

And nobody say GoLang.

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The only part of Golang I liked was the narwal operators. I might get into V if it ever reaches 1.0

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Karan Gandhi

Oh boy.... I love this kind of posts.
For OS I use Windows 10, Linux Mint 19, MX Linux 19.1 , MacOS. I had Windows 7 till it's EOL this year. I have one partition for distrohopping so I try lot of dem distros. But for work it's usually Mint cos I am using it for quite some time. The kernels on work are usually LTS versions latest. On testing I like Xanmod. I had some issues with liquorix and was too lazy to debug.

For IDEs I use VS Code , Notepad++ ,Android Studio ,X-Code, SublimeText. I used Atom,Eclipse and Netbeans in past.
I really like Paint.NET and thats my defacto editor but use GIMP on Linux.
Postman is really handy for testing and sharing APIs
I use every possible browser I guess. Chrome/Firefox/Brave/IE 5 & 6(don't ask)/Edge/Chromium.
Languages , it's odd to explain . It is really dependent on project in hand.
Usually I do JavaScript but I can do RubyOnRails & PHP. Java/Obj-C comes handy if I want to build native apps.

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hehe - same ;)
"Oh boy.... I love this kind of posts."

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Ben Halpern

Firefox (plus all the other browsers for cross-browser compatibility if frontend)
XCode/iOS Simulator
GitHub Desktop (only as a bridge to one-click check out PRs from the browser)

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I'm mainly a node.js guy these days.

  • win10
  • vscode
  • brave web browser
  • krita for a photo editor.
  • postman
  • cmdr is my terminal wrapper
  • listary is my launcher. I have actions setup for all my dev needs e <projectname> opens that project in vscode. gh <projectname> opens the github repo. stuff like that
  • trello
  • joplin for notes. I use this as a private blog, long term todos, notes, everything
  • dashlane to store passwords
  • for any graphics needed
  • for a personalized icon font for a given project

I think that sums up my EDC tools

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Uchena Miller

I use these things for my development :
Visual studio code,
Gimp and inskape for editing graphics,
Mozilla and chrome for testing,
Ngrok mostly for handson mobile-first Development and to share with my mentorship group,
FileZilla for sharing,
And last but not least
For my Operating System I now use Ubuntu 20.04

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Timotej Avsec

Hey! So I'm a full-stack web developer who mainly uses Laravel and Vue.js. As and IDE I use PhpStorm by JetBrains and I love it! It supports so many things out of the box (I use time tracking and database explorer almost all the time). For local server I use Homestead, which is basically Vagrant Ubuntu box which includes services necessary for Laravel development (Nginx server, multiple versions of PHP, MySql, Redis, ...), and it is also very easy to setup. Now for other tools I use: our team uses Jira on daily basis to track tasks and Jira Tempo to log our working hours. My OS is Windows 10 :)

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Glenn Paquette • Edited

I recently converted to Ubuntu 20.04 from Windows 10. Windows was really bogging down the system so it was time to change. Happy with Unbuntu so far!

Vscode with Dracula theme as my code editor
Firefox and chromium (I flip flop between the two) both with Dracula theme.
Insomnia... With dracula theme.

I recently saw a post on how you can get Dracula theme in everything... And they were right! Oh, and Ubuntu with Dracula theme too... I may be obsessed.

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Braydon Kains • Edited

As an OS I use Fedora. I used the Fedora net installer to build my own distro of sorts with the right software, desktop environments, windows managers etc. And it's been stable af through a number of updates.
For work I have to use Visual Studio about 60% of the time, but pretty much all the rest of the time I use vim. When combined with tmux I really like the workflow I've settled into.
Browser is Firefox, I really like the dev tools and I like the built in privacy features.
I use C# and Javascript at work, but on my own projects I've been exploring Crystal, Go, Rust, and more to find my forever language.

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Ayushman Bilas Thakur

Due to some network issues in windows I have switched to ubuntu ... And I'm loving it.

VSCode and Android Studio for coding
Brave and Firefox for browser
Figma for designing
Inkscape for vector art
And Kdenlive for video editing

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Hi there. I'm a computer mathematics student and use
-Manjaro (love)
-Windows (hate, but need)
-Jet brains apps, Clion and Intellij, which I'm surprised how you're not using them :D
-Kate and notepadqq
-Wolfram Mathematica (yuck)
-Photoshop and gimp
-Maybe not an app but Thinkpad x250 (share the thinkpad love)
For my university I mostly use java and cpp, looking for something new, what would you say?

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Patryk Rzucidło • Edited
  • Vscode and sublimetext
  • Github desktop
  • Isomnia (similar as postman)
  • Photopea online and Kolourpaint
  • Filezilla and Terminal with ssh
  • Nodejs, nginx, apache, php, mysql, lowdb, pm2, markserv
  • Beekeeper studio
  • ArchLinux on ASUS ROG G751JY
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Jacob Colborn

For development I daily:

Windows 10 with Ubuntu for WSL
Hyper for windows terminal emulation (it's electron based)
VS Code for IDE
Chrome for browsing

I also have a laptop that uses the same as above except it uses Ubuntu 18.04 and ZSH for shell.

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Tim Apple

I have a Surface Laptop 3 and a System 76 Galago Pro (Pop_OS!), I tend to use the Surface more. I use VS Code, WSL, the Affinity apps, and just started playing in Nu shell. As far as browsers go, I'm a tramp I have Edge, Chrome, Firefox, Vivaldi, Brave, and Tor installed and jump around between them often.

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Primož Ajdišek

i use linux (whatever distribution even tho i tend to gravitate towards arch or ubuntu bases) or windows for OS
my editors of choice are Intellij idea (java), pycharm(python), visual studio(C#) visual studio code(everything and normal text)
for images i use gimp
for normal browsing i use firefox and while i am on windows i use edge for development purposes as a replacment for other chromium based browsers.
my main language of choice is c# but can also use HTML and CSS php java some python rust and few other languages.
i also use a lot of docker
as VCS i use git combined with github gitlab(self-hosted or publicly hosted) or in few cases azure repos.