How to use toggle outside of class component render and toggle inside variable reactjs?

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How to use toggle outside of class component render and toggle inside variable?
I want to use toggle inside const variable but I am too confused about how I can override this one.
I set an input text when I enter the text I need the toggle after enter the text input
Below the code:

import React, { Component } from 'react'

class App extends Component {
  constructor(props) {

    this.state = {
         mytoggle : false,
         p: ''

  myKey = (e)=> {
    let p = <div>

      <button onClick={()=> this.setState({mytoggle: !this.state.mytoggle})}> Click Me </button>
      {this.state.mytoggle ? <p>
    Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet.
  </p> : null}

    if(e.key === "Enter") {
      this.setState(prev=> ({
        p: [...prev.p, p]
  render() {
    return (
        <input onKeyPress={this.myKey} type="text"/>

export default App

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I tried to understand your question, but I can't. I recommend you to ask what you want to do as project, the goal, instead ask how to put some code that way.
I see you trying to make react works as you wish instead try to understand how react works.

Can you try to put you question other way? Maybe I can help you


I want to use toggle inside myKey function see codesandbox.io/s/silent-bird-86li3

when I hit enter after type some text I need the click button toggle but the toggle not working, I will appreciate you if you try to fix it.


I made a working POC based in your code and leave some comments in code, codesandbox.io/s/xenodochial-breez...

I hope it helps you


I think, you do not understand properly. now think, I want to make a chat and then send the message then I want to set the delete option or any other button, toggle but without any sending SMS I don't want to toggle. only specific SMS toggle should work so that I can add delete, toggle, edit, copy etc button.