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Feedback for a project

nikitahl profile image Nikita Hlopov ・1 min read

I'd like to ask a community for a feedback on a little project I've made a while ago.
It's a small web app to generate CSS theme Does it make any sense? Can someone actually benefit from it or get some sort of a value from it, or it's just a useless tool.
Please be honest.


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Tim JK Strickland

This looks really cool! A couple shiny features that come to mind when/if you ever have the time:

1.) It'd be fun to tie another font library like Google Fonts or something. Web-safe is a good start, but we can always do with more typography options to haunt us late at night 😂
2.) It'd be REALLY cool if you could generate a sample web page that showcases all of the updates to the font and what not. Something simple like a blog article so you could actually see all of the changes as it would appear in an app.

Nice work! 🔥

nikitahl profile image
Nikita Hlopov Author

Thanks for feed back and feature ideas, I was thinking about google fonts as well. Might even implement it.

riscie profile image

This is nice. It goes into the area of creating your own styleguide. There are advanced paid products for this like Frontify. For a quick look at how certain fonts / sizes, styles work together I would definitely use your tool.

Also your tool looks quite complete, which is impressive for a side project! Only thing I could not find is, whether I could also edit the right side, to check how certain words or phrases would look in the styles I apply. So that would be a feature request ;)

Nice work!

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Nikita Hlopov Author

Thanks, I never even thought of that, nice one I'll see what I can do.

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Ryan Westlund

I find the idea a bit fun. To be honest, I don't think it's that helpful since we can already test things out in a local file, but it's a little faster than that, so I wouldn't say it's useless.

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Nikita Hlopov Author

Hey, thanks for feedback and honesty. 👍