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Queue (data structure)

nikkhahmohammad profile image Mohammad Nikkhah Updated on ・1 min read

Hello friends, I am Mohammad. This is the first post on this website
in this post we learn How it works queue list in data structure

What is a queue : queue A list of items Similar to a stack list,A kind of simplified array,
But We can apply limited operators in the queue list

  • for Example We have a queue list below
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  • When we add a value to this list The addition is done from the beginning of the list.
  • For example, if we add a value of 9 to the list, this value will be added to the list first
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  • The act of adding is called : enqueue
  • For example, if we delete a value, it will be removed from the bottom of the list.
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  • The delete operation is called : dequeue

The most important difference between Queue and stack

In queue, adding a value is always at the top of the list
In queue, deleting a value is always from the bottom of the list
This is also called FIFO First In First Out.

thank you


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Maysam Senaps

shouldn't it at least be in data structures and not algorithms?(the tag which you have used)

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