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Get User Lead data in Slack using Slack Bots

We are going to build a bot that sends you messages in the Slack Channel. Slack is a cool future no-email place.

I am using slack to

  • Monitor client’s orders on my website.
  • Receive website visitors’ messages from Crisp in Slack.

Other use cases can be

  • Receive website downtime notifications
  • Receive meeting reminders
  • View your todo task lists and update them
  • Collect customer story and store it in Google Sheet. (as claimed by Slack)

But we are going to create a slack hook that sends messages to your slack channel. Let’s go !! 🔥

Step 1 : Create your Slack Bot API


  • Go to slack website api creator — click here
  • Click on Create New App
  • A popup appears. Here write your App Name and select your Development Work Space
  • Click Create App

Step 2 : Select Bots button


  • We are going to update the bottom 2 x boxes — Bots & Permissions
  • First Click on Bots box and it will take you to App Home page

Step 3 : Click on Review Scopes to Add


Step 4 : Add Bot Scopes

  • It will open OAuth & Permissions page
  • Click on Add an OAuth Scope under Scopes section and add following Scopes
  • channels:read, chat:write, groups:read, groups:write


Step 5 : Now Click on Install to Workspace at the top of your page


Step 6 : It will show you a pop up, Click Allow.


Step 7 : Copy your Bot User OAuth Access Token and save it for Step 9


Step 8 : Invite bot to your slack channel

  • Go to your Slack Channel where you want to receive notifications and write /invite @your_bot_name
  • You will see a response message was added to #channel by your_name like the one below


Step 9 : Make your endpoint on NoCodeAPI

  • Sign in to
  • Go to Marketplace and click on Slack Hooks API
  • Click on Make Slack Hooks API
  • On the side bar that just appeared > write your custom bot name > paste the access token you got in Step 7 > click on refresh list and > select your channel in slack


Step 10 : Send a message to your channel using playground

  • Open the playground by clicking on Use this API button located above your endpoint.


  • Try sending a text message or object message to your slack channel using inbuilt playground. Like the one below 👇


  • You should receive your message in your Slack channel like below


💌 Bonus Step 11 : Make your nodejs app

const axios = require("axios")

// highlight-start
const data = {
  name: "Mohd Danish",
  email: "",
  message: "I love this telegram hook API",
  other: "other value.",
// highlight-end

  method: "post",
  url: "<api_endpoint>", // highlight-line
  data: data,
  .then(function (response) {
    // handle success
  .catch(function (error) {
    // handle error
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  • Copy above code in your nodejs playground and change the highlighted part.
  • data - you can send any size of json object.
  • <api_endpoint> - your slack nocode api endpoint. (It is listed on your nocodeapi dashboard).
  • npm start your app to see this message in your slack channel.

Video Tutorial

This is it

I hope you learnt to create your own slack bots. If you fall in trouble, don’t hesitate to contact us on our telegram channel at this link. We will be happy to help you out.

Give us a thumbs up (or follow) on twitter.

Thanks for the read. Happy Coding !! ✌️

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