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Bruno Noriller
Bruno Noriller

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How to stop procrastinating and change your life

I'm sorry.

Why I'm sorry? Because I'm late this week!

I wanted to make this (post writing, I mean) a weekly deal, every weekend I would go and post.

First time? No pressure, I just made it and posted it.

Second time? I stalled to the limit, but managed to release it in time.

Third, this one? I remembered when it was already late enough and started rambling... It was way past my sleep time and I was just making a mess. I stopped and gone to sleep.

Does this sound familiar to you?

Do you show up late to work?

I'm guessing you would only show up late if something extreme happened right?

Then, why can't we be more punctual with the stuff for US?

It's not just about routine!

Routine does play a part, yes. But it's more than that.

It's about PEOPLE!

People depending on YOU! Or you just not wanting to let people down.

It's about honoring your promises (or debts)!

You show up to work because it's a contract (a promise if you will), it's also a way to earn money to honor your debts (a promise of payment).

It's fun and a major part of your life!

This could be controversial... not everyone can work on what they really wanted or other factors make it not being "fun".

But it IS a major part of your life and it should be fun, or else it loses meaning.

Why we "don't have time" for the important stuff?

The boss needs you to make overtime? Sure boss! (you might not want to, but you probably will... specially when it's sporadic and they really, really need you.)

This is basically the default, working 8 hours a day. But I had a internship of 4 hours a day and also worked almost 9 hours a day. I also worked 6 hours a day and I gotta say... 6 hours is a sweet spot and those extra hours you get I wouldn't trade for anything. That said... I will work 8 hours a day.

What about stuff outside work?

Studying? No time!

Bingeing a series? Hell yeah!

Running? To tired...

Games? I'm ready!

You know the drill...

What can we even do?

A meeting with yourself

You know those endless meetings? You attend them because people barged in and put them in YOUR schedule right? How about YOU put a meeting there YOURSELF?

That will be your ME time for you to do stuff for YOU.

Wait to announce to others

Who never said to someone: "I will do this thing!" and then never again?

I've read somewhere you might end up with a "mission accomplished" feeling if you speak of something too soon, you feel like you're already done something and then you just... stop.

So, wait for it. Have something concrete to show and when you do announce it... make the people you've announce it to want more.

If they start being dependent on that, all that about not letting people down and about honoring your promises will kick in and when you're feeling like procrastinating, that will help you keep going.

Make it worth your while

For work, we have money... but why do you want to study?

What do you hope to achieve with whatever you want to do?

If you can focus on that... you can really do it.

For me, these posts are a way to connect to people, to share experiences and knowledge and to make myself visible to the world. I want to change my life! I might find a new opportunity or even more.

Nothing is too small!

But what if all you want to learn how to juggle... just because?

Any challenge gives you a thrill.

Well, satisfaction in itself is something worth going for too.

Buy me a Coffe!

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