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Rubymine: Enable the JavaScript debugger

Enable the JavaScript debugger

  • Open the Run/Debug Configuration by navigating from the main menu:
    • Run => Edit Configurations.
  • Enable run browser
  • Enter the start URL
  • Enable Start JavaScript debugger automatically when debugging.

Run/Debug Configuration

Why did I write this?

This is taken from RubyMine documentation, so why write this?

I wanted to be able to enable the JavaScript debugger within RubyMine, RubyMine 2021.3, and I had no luck until I found this RubyMine tutorial. It took me ages to Google and still can't find it straight away, so I'm leaving this note to myself.

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Ruslan Kornev

Cool, always thought about this feature but didn't search. Tried now, and it works :) I'll will write something if something goes wrong. Thanks :)