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Hi everyone, I don't really have a final project this year, so I'm just going to reference my group submission to Discord's "hackweek" hackathon last year.

My Final Project

Me and a few friends made a chat-based game bot where you could play a few simple games like Connect Four, and Rock Paper Scissors. Ultimately, we ran out of time to make more games, but the concept is there.

Demo Link

I don't have this bot hosted anymore, but it's pretty simple to setup, provided you have a few minutes.

Just head over to the releases tab, download the latest Jar. Run it, and it will generate a preferences.json file for you. Just fill that out according to the README's configuration section, and you'll be off to the races.

Link to Code

GitHub logo notm1ke / GamesBoat

we have epic games come play with us pls thanks <3

GamesBoat 🎮

GamesBoat is a cross-server games bot created for Discord's first Hack Week Please note that this README is still incomplete, and will be periodically updated as we come closer to the submission deadline.


First start up the bot using the following command
Doing this will force it to generate a preferences file that you may modify
This file will contain everything from database credentials to user storage types.
Once the file is generated, and you have configured it to your liking,
you may once again start up the bot using the below command.

java -jar GamesBoat-1.0-SNAPSHOT.jar

Building from source

Compile Tool (macOS + Linux):

Gradle CLI (macOS + Linux):
./gradlew shadowJar

Gradle CLI (Windows):
gradlew.bat shadowJar


token:        The secret token used to authorize the bot with Discord.
status:       The status of the Bot (ONLINE, INVISIBLE, OFFLINE, IDLE, DO_NOT_DISTURB)
botGame: {
    type:     0 -> 2 |

How I built it

This bot is written in Java, utilizing JDA, some various Google libraries like Guava and Gson, and a few other helpful libraries.

Closing Remarks

Throughout high school I've learned a lot (in regards to programming), and I'm excited to see what college, and beyond, will bring.

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