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Can you hear me?

Can you hear me? As I tell my story, what do you get from it? Did you hear my grieve or was it just another show to you? Did my actions tell you anything or stand up comedy is what I can do best?

If you want something best done, do it yourself - Napoleon Bonaparte

I feel not heard and it breaks me down but then why not listen to others and ask questions as the person who asks is the person who leads the conversation. Is that the best way to communicate or is it one of the many ways?

Well, effective communication is about both parties understanding each other. It may sound simple but it requires a lot to be a good listener. When you are listening, your brain makes up a lot of ideas and mostly they are empathizing with what you are hearing, seeing and or reading to try help you understand the point like you are trying to understand my point.

Well, to make my point simpler, all I'm trying to say is that Git is a tool used by developers to communicate collaboratively.

What is Git Well now can I have your attention?

As programmers, our communication is not that fancy as it involves a lot of code and documentations that help to understand the codes.
You might think that Git is one of the best innovations done by developers for developers. Well it is and it is not.

It actually uses the same old principles of human communication. As we talk, I pay attention to the message and give feedback, if there is something I don’t understand, then I trace back to what I heard earlier and refer to it. Git bases on this principle to help developers bring their codes together.
i understand now

At the end of the week, as everyone was focused on the technical aspect, Yannick had an idea of bring the teams together on the last minute to do a presentation. After announcing the news, chaos and panic exploded. Every member of the team had a different understanding of the subject but the definition was the same.
teamwork brainstorming

As a team, the task was to come up with the same definition to present to others in away that you understand and is simpler for everyone else to understand.
To reach our goal of a unified definition, it required a lot of discussions and listening outside Git.

At the end of the week, I learnt that the best communicator is the best listener as through listening, you communicate.

Can't wait for more codewars and repairing the leaking CI/CD pipeline the broke halfway the road.

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